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Snehithiye (in tamil)
Raakilipattu (in malayalam)

cast: Jyothika, Shibrani Mukherjee, Tabu, Manorama, Vasisht

music: Vidyasagar

Priyadarshan, though a talented director, have always played safe by remaking his own movies. But this time he has really taken a different stand by attempting to make a movie with absolutely no male leads. Not everyday the Indian movie industry get to see a mainstream commercial movie like this and just for that it is going to be interesting.

This movie, like most Priyan movies, is supposedly inspired from a Marathi play
Bindahast and tells the story of two good friends and roommates Jyothika and Shabrani Mukherjee. They sore to be together as long as they live and even decides to marry on the same day.

Now pranks come to these college girls like daily coffee and one such prank they play is that one of the girls bluffs her grand parents about an imaginary boyfriend inorder to avoid a marriage.
But the twist comes when this imaginary character actually turns up in person to marry her. And later, this very man is found dead in front of the hostel room.

Jyothika, already replacing a lot of actresses on her way to being the hottest actress in town is looking to cement her position with this movie that shall be released in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi.
Shabrani Mukherjee, who made her debut opposite Sunil Shetty in
Border is already a popular face in music videos.

A Priyan favourite Tabu plays the role of the police cop. Ila Arun's daughter, Vasisht Arun also makes her debut in this movie.

With music by Vidyasaagar and cinematography by Jeeva, this 49th movie of Priyadarshan is certainly one of the most eagerly awaited movies.