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Ram Gopal Verma's much-awaited COMPANY finally took over the country on April 12th and made a successful opening in India. Contrary to Komal Nahta's weird suggestions of low advance booking, Company was a cent per cent opening in most of the big centers.

Aankhen, last week's release, after a very good opening, is losing its charm all over. However Delhi sector, one that usually rejects most of the hyped movies, takes a special liking towards this film. 

But Aankhen is getting mixed reviews from across the coutnry. And now reports suggest that there is a different ending for the international version of Aankhen. Which means most people are looking into the pirated CDs for a peek at that one.

But the silver line in this cloud is the very fact that Aankhen and Company both are movies that drew in the crowds, despite breaking most of the rule of Bollywood - like romance, unwanted songs and dance and irrelevant sub-plots in the name of entertainment.

anyhow the rest of the slot is filled with the so-far disappointing releases that have flooded the box office so far.





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Pongal has come and gone, and the tamil movie industry though of getting a new life with the new releases.

Mani Ratnam's Kannathil Muthamittal is really being appreciated by most of the moviegoers. Be it the music, or the camera evrything seems to be a class apart. And this is certainly good news for both Simran and Madhavan...even thought the real star of the show is the little girl, Keerthana.


Kamal Hassan & Simran's Pammal K Sambantham is firmly losing its hold in theaters and viewers, especially with the release of the new Mani Ratnam film as well as the romantic flick Roja Kootam.


Azhagi and Kasi are doing extremely well in the B and C centres, making the movie a winner in the final count. 

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It is definitely the season for those who appreciate those more 'serious' movies. 

Now rolling at the box office are three important movies. We have Jayaraj's Kannagi, Rajeev Kumar's Sesham and T.V. Chandran's DANNY all playing now with each of these movies serious contenders not just for the State Awards, but for the National Awards itself.

However the Balachandra Menon's Krishna Gopal Krishna has been a total washout, making the producers of the film, KSDFC completely bankrupt.

Things are also not exactly bright in Kerala with all the political problems, and strikes that has put the state in a serious turmoil. As a result movies are not really doing well.

But that is where the surprise comes in. Dileep's latest movie - Mazhathulli Kilukam is turning out to be a winner. It is indeed drawing in the family crowds and the comedy is being appreciated by the audiences. All this just goes on to prove what a superstar Dileep is turning out to be.

Meanwhile Kamal's Megha malhaar keeps steady while all the other previous releases are seen tumbling into B and C centres. Also doing average business is Jayaram-Rajasenan's comedy Malayalee Mamannu Vanakkum