action comedy

Starring  Sanjay Dutt, Sanjay Suri, Dino Moreo, Bikram Saluja, Rohit Roy, Priyanka Chopra, Sameera Reddy and Mahesh Manjrekar

Direction : Hriday Shetty

Music : Anand Raaj Anand


I was frankly blown away by KAANTE. Obviously I expected the gang to make a mess out of the Quentin Tarantino material of Reservoir Dogs, but the final product was worth it. I know that there are a lot out there who wasn't impressed though. Agreed, that it wasn't the 'thinking man's action extravaganza, but on the final count it was a film that really delivered in most of the aspects, especially dialogues that were too wicked in every style and sense and characters that I won't be forgetting for quite some time. 

Atleast I found Sanjay Gupta's desperate attempts to imitate the Hollywood products finally paying off. Finally he seemed to be donig a lot of things right for a change.

So when the same banner, and the producers Sanjay Gupta and Sanjay Dutt get together for another action flick like PLAN, expectations were always high. But then again the makers did not seem to want to get the expectations all up, and instead tried playing it all down by just going in for a bunch of upcoming actors. 

But hoping for the best, I walk in for Sanjay Dutt's PLAN....and for the first half, everything seemed to be well going as per the laid out plans. But come second half, and that is where the plans really go awry!

Four young men, each with their own aspirations and hopes, board on a Mumbai bound train and by the time they reach the big city, the four bond so well. 

So meet the four pack - Bobby (Dino) who believes that he is the next Amitabhm Omi (Rohit Roy) who seems to have a plan for everything and anything; Jai (Bikram Saluja) who runs from home to reunite with his lady love and last but not least Lucky (Sanjay Suri) who is an ace with the deck and hopes to gamble his way through life.

But everything does not exactly work the way the four wants to. And one such plan was to make a lot of dough by betting it all on a gamble, as they knew Lucky could never lose. But Lucky unfortunately does, and now they are forced to pay up 7 lakhs in seven days. 

That is when the four put their heads together and decide to kidnap a big businessman and hold him for ransom. 

However little do they realise that the man they intend to kidnap is none other than Moosa Bhai (sanjay Dutt)- the biggest and most feared underworld figure of Mumbai.

So what we have here is a bunch of model turned actors who still have to hit it big time. Yeah, something like the characters they play, no doubt. But will this movie give them a new life??

Definitely the gang of four have done a pretty impressive job. Of which Sanjay Suri plays the role of the smooth operator superbly and manages to grab your attention pretty much without having to do anything out of the ordinary.

Also as always, I found Rohit Roy to be extremely comfortable onscreen and it is a good thing to ponder why a talent like him have never managed to move out of the small screen and make a splash in the big screen. Especially when a dozen of non-actors are doing the rounds these days with no complaints. 

Dino Moreo and Bikram Saluja were obviously the liabilities in this pack. But somehow the writers seems to have found a way to go about it. They gave the dumb comical role to Dino so that he just have to be the way he is, and Saluja is handed over the sensitive silent brooder, thus asking him to just be there without having to do anything much.

At the end of it all, the pack of four does a pretty job without anyone overshadowing or stealing the show from anyone. As a group, the end result was effective. The bonding was definitely there to see. 

For the showstealer definitely has to Moosa Seth- Sanju Baba. After rocking the nation with a great performance as Munnabhai at the end of last year, 2004 kicks off with another great character of Moosa Bhai. And Sanjay Dutt does it in a style and class, that only can be expected from Dutt bhai and no one else.

On the flipside, we have a bunch of females who literally have to do nothing but show a lot of skin and do one flashy number atleast. So sign on Riya Sen, Sameera Reddy, Priyanka Chopra and Payal and that is what you have. Useless characters that add nothing to the story, but instead an excuse to throw in a song sequence or two. Obviously Priyanka can be still considered substantial, just because she seemed to have a couple of scenes too many when compared to the other actresses.

Also Mahesh Manjrekar, which I believed to be the trump card of the setup, turned out the biggest disappointment because his character of Sultan was just a poor caricature of a character and was hardly developed enough to pose a serious threat to that of Sanjay's character. 

Anand Raaj Anand's score was just about okay, but most of the second half songs are better if left out. They do nothing but hamper the flow of the so-called action film. 

First time director Hriday Shetty seems to have learn everything from his mentor Sanjay Gupta, including the high dosage of flashy guns and bare-it-all ladies. But unfortunately taking on the all-style-no-substance routine of Sanjay Gupta's is not going to take him anywhere far. The faster Hriday Shetty learns it, the better. For the time being, Shetty's work is decent enough to recommend him to give it another shot though.

Style and gloss...just like KAANTE, the makers have maintained all that in PLAN too. And even the dialogues seemed to have the same kind of fun and wickedness about it. But the screenplay completely goes into a big time mess post interval and things become so mediocre, that it just drags the whole thing down. Some of the action setups in the second half were so lame, and outright silly, and made the thing look all so purposeless.

PLAN was a breezy watch as far the first half goes, with Sanjay Dutt and Manjrekar making their entrances just before the intermission. But from there on, Hriday Shetty's plans just fail to work out as intended. Disappointing!


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