Starring Suresh Gopi, Harisree Ashokan, Divya Unni, Renuka Choudhary, Ganesh Kottarakara

Directed by Haridas


Director Haridas brings in Suresh Gopi in the role of Parthasarathy in yet another action packed film. Will this be any different to the usual Suresh Gopi action flicks that are flopping miserably at the box office, or will it be appreciated like his other odd movies like TENKASSIPATNAM and SUNDARAPURUSHAN.

But the thing is that Suresh Gopi movies always hit the jackpot only when he is supported by other notable actors. But when Suresh Gopi goes for a solo-act, things are rarely favorable.


The movie deals with a respectable namboodri household in Kanyakumari. This household finds itself an enemy in the form of the local zamindar who love to see this family's downfall.

The youngest of this namboodri family is Parthasarathy (Suresh Gopi) and he is usually accompanied by his best buddy/ sidekick Maarimuthu (Harisree Asokan).

Now the zamindar's daughter Soundarya (Divya Unni) is given in marriage in a 'swayamvar' style contest in the village, with the winner getting the honor of marrying the lady. Maarimuthu suggests Paarthasarathy to join the contest, and eventually Paarthasarathy wins and gets Soundarya.

However though one expects things to get solved with it, it only goes into a big twist when one day another lady Sivakami (Renuka) walks in and declares herself as Parthasarathy's wife, and carrying his child.


Another movie which will have its dose of action all the way, but some sort of a suspense filled story line could also be in there somewhere, hopefully!

And sticking all through out the movie will be Harisree Ashokan in a noteworthy role. After a long time, we also see the return of Divya Unni back to the malayalam celluloid after she tried her hands in other south indian movies.

The shooting of the movie is completed in areas around Pollachi.


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