srcsss../ Review:Veliyettan





Starring  Mammooty, Shobana, Sai Kumar
Directed by Shaji Kailas


One cannot exactly pinpoint which was Mamooty's last really big success at the Malayalam box-office. Though he has given great performances, and even done an award winning title role in the Jabbar Patels' English venture Ambedkar, he haven't given the kind of mega hits he was once renowned for. 

The Malayalam box office was already reeling under the pressures with no major hits this year, except for Narasimham.

 At such a time, Valiyettan comes as a blessing to the box-office, even though the movie has the same director and to top it all similar theme. 

So finally, Mamooty is back with a bang in this movie as Arakkal Madhavan Unni, who is the big brother to four guys, one of them being his friend Daasan (Manoj K Jayan). Madhavan unni and his family was ousted from their ancestoral home by his own uncle and cousin Sivaraman. But instead of losing hope, the young Madhavan unni vows to be a lion heart and take care of his brothers inspite of all difficulties.

The rest of the plot has the usual song to sing. Madhavan Unni and his brothers ensure that the evil schemes of  their uncle and cousin are foiled, and the villains are brought down to their knees and the big brother walking away with the applause.

Mamooty goes about in the role of Madhavan Unni in his usual riveting manner, quite reminiscent of several of his earlier roles.

Wonderful support from Siddique, Manoj K jayan, Vijayakumar, Sudeesh and Kalabhavan Mani as the tough guy Kattipally Pappan.Saikumar really shines in the role of the evil cousin Sivaraman.

But what is sad to see is that an actress of the caliber of Shobana being wasted in yet another meaningless role. Here she plays Devi, Madhavan Unni's wife whom he marries after her actual marriage gets broken off.

Renjith comes up with his usual style of script for this movie too which does not disappoint in any manner. Director Shaji Kailas seems to have hit on a winning formula, but he better try something new before his themes get stale. However, here he does handle the mass star cast in a splendid manner.

So though the movie might not be ground breaking or even a refreshing change, it still is sure to set the box-office on fire. 

And that is exactly what the doctor ordered.


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