Uyirile Kalanthatu


Starring  Raghuvaran, Surya, Jyothika, Radhika
Directed by K.R.Jaya

Music by     Deva

This movie certainly scores, if not for anything else, simply for the story.

 The storyline in this movie deals with sibling rivalry, something that is certainly not what you get everyday in your line up of movies. 

This movie tells you the story of two brothers and how the arrival of the younger sends the older one into a life of insecurity and immense jeolousy. 

The opening sequence shows a bleeding patient in a mental asylum, banging his head on the wall. The patient is not clearly shown, so his identity remains a secret and the viewers are taken through a flashback so as to unravel the patient's identity.

Raghu (Raghuvaran) is shown as a son who was dear to his parents (Sivakumar and Radhika) and everything was well until the arrival of his younger brother Surya. Suddenly  he finds himself not the favourite anymore and this puts him in a situation where he undergoes a clash of emotions. 

On one hand Raghu loves his younger brother but at the same time he simply can't stand the love and concern flung by his parents on Surya. This makes Raghu furious. 

Raghu's envy and rage finally makes him takes extreme measures, literally scheming against his brother and trying to even get his brother beaten up. And he even enjoys his actions. However, to get even with his unaware parents, he does not stop there and he finally ends up killing his brother.  

Though Raghu never is a suspect, he finally gives in and gets arrested by his own father, who is an Assistant Commisioner of Police. And it takes a court room for even the parents to understand Raghu's troubles that gave him this complex psyche.

The theme and wonderful acting certainly gave the movie its punch and it would have stayed that way, if only they hadn't put that unnecessary twist in the ending. 

Finally, Raghuvaran shines throughout the movie, in a role which one would say is tailor made for him. His effortless potrayal of a man suffering from complex traumas silently is certainly worth applauding. Absolutely great performances also from Surya, Sivakumar and yes Radhika as the mother of the two brothers.  Jyothika role as Surya's girlfriend is more of a prop and does not have anything much  to do over here.

Deva's music is just pretty ordinary. So is the rest of the technical aspect, but the storyline and the acting, like I said, makes up for what the other sectors lack. 

A must-watch movie, atleast for the sake of a refreshing story.


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