Starring Krishna, Joemol, Kaaveri, Jagdeesh

Directed by T.S. Saji

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Krishna and Joemol in THILANA THILANA

 New kid on the block, Krishna,  plays the role of a happy-go-lucky chap Bobby, who loves enjoying life to the fullest. And he is also loved by a particular girl, Vandana. 

But it so happens that there is yet another girl who too loves him, but never comes out in the open. She keeps playing her pranks on him but manages to keep her true identity a secret. Bobby immediately suspects a college hotshot, Malavika. 

So, on the advise of his servant, Bobby decides to find out the truth by disguising himself as a girl and getting into the girls hostel. But things don't go the way he plans, and he gets into one trouble after another. And this includes Malavika's brother falling in love with Bobby's girl form.

But now who from the two lovers shall Bobby ultimately end up with. 

Krishna with an idea to get into the female hostelKaaveri here!

Supporting Krishna in this movie are Kaveri and Joemol as Vandana and Malavika. The rest includes names like Jagathy, Jagdeesh, Harisree Ashokan. But the big surprise package is the special appearance by Suresh Gopi and Boban Kunchakko.

Suresh Gopi and Boban in a special appearance

Directed by T.S Saji, hope this movie becomes the kind of promising entertainer it sounds to be.


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