Starring Suresh Gopi, Lal,  Dileep, Kaavya Madhavan, Samyuktha Varma 

Directed by Rafi Mecarten

Music: by Suresh Peters (of "Chikubukku"fame)

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So what if it does not have the big M's - Mammooty and Mohanlal. The movie definitely is a entertainer and the star cast of the movie also puts in their best to keep it alive and kicking!

So thus director duo Rafi Mecartin does manage to give you a comedy entertainer, which is as good as their previous hit PUNJABI HOUSE

Powerhouse Lal is back in actionSuresh Gopi in TENKASSIPATNAM

The story revolves round two good buddies, Kannan (Suresh Gopi) and Dasappan (Lal) who grew up together in the in the markets of Tenkassi along with Devutty (Kaavya) who has been brought up like their own sister. 

And thus slowly they manage to establish themselves and emerge as kings of the market with a successful KD Company. 

Shatru (Dileep) comes in to join in this company and also ends up falling in love with Kannan's and Dasan's adopted sister, Devutty. 

But the two friends have no intentions to get married any time soon. However the daughter of their business rival Meenakshi (Samyuktha) is in love with Kannan and the two friends also come across a singer, Sangeetha (Geetu Mohandas)

And then you have these two buddies getting set to marry, but then confusion springs up with the bridegrooms still confused over who exactly they going to marry and this becomes a major threat to their friendship too. And of course you have the usual villains proving to be an obstacle for any good proceedings. 


Both Suresh Gopi and Lal show us that they have a great flair for comedy with this movie, and it is this factor that promises to take you by surprise. And then you have the great comic talents of Dileep to supervise the going ons are smooth. And therefore these trio really runs the show here that too splendidly.

The heroines on the other hand, Samyuktha Varma, Kaavya Maadhavan and Geetu Mohandas (previously known for her role as the small girl in ONU MUDHAL POOJYAMVARE) are all decorative props with no scope of exactly displaying their talents. 

The fast numbers by pop singer Suresh Peters might not be exactly your ideal - 'Tenkassi' numbers but they still manage to be one of the major highlights of the movie, thanks to some good choreography that supports them and ofcourse lyrics penned by Kaithaparam. 

Good camera work, and colourful sets, peppered with comedy and foot tapping numbers make this a perfect entertainer and an ideal time short a recipe for box office success!!


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