Starring Jayaram, Samyuktha, Innocent, Sreenivasan
Directed by Harikumar

Music: Johnson

Swayamvara Pandhal is what you would call the typical Jayaram-family movie. This time the family hero - Jayaram joins director Harikumar with a script written by none other that Sreenivasan himself.

The story is about a young man Deepu (jayaram) who lands up with this marriage proposal and on the pressures coming from his sisters and other family memebers, he ultimately do so.
is asked to marry this girl and finally he does so. Though actually the sisters were quite contented with the huge dowry she brings along, it was upto Deepu to get used to his new wife,Priya, the bride personally handpicked by his sisters.
HOwever things does not come great for Deepu as soon he realises that his wife behaves rather strangely. Soon several instances later, he realises that his wife is mentally ill. A stunned Deepu sents his wife packing home. But even after that, he realises that his heart has been already filled with love for his Priya.
So he brings her back and decides to take her to a institution for the mentally retarded where an able doctor uses some effective techniques to treat the patients.

But the treatment does not bring everything to an end, because soon Deepu comes to know more truths about Priya's past life that gives him the setbacks.

Though the film's second half reminds one of the Mohanlal flick 'Ayyal Katha Ezhuthukayaanu' but is brought to life thanks to the wonderful characters played by Innocent and Sreenivasan, two other mentally deranged patients.

Jayaram does give another wonderful performance that is expected from him. He is also well supported by Samuktha Varma as Deepu's wife Priya.
But it is Innocent, Sreenivasan and to some extent Lalu Alex as the doctor, who rises above all to remain in the moviegoer's minds.

Rather pleasing songs by Johnson and penned by Girish Puthancherry and O.N.V. also is worth a listen or two.

But despite the wonderful characters and acting, the rather weak storyline might be the big minus point in this movie.



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