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Kaladharan, the director who had made films like Ellaarum Chollanu, Poruththam, Nettipattam, Tom Jerry etc, is back on the big screen, with a film that is quite unlike any of his earlier films. Sukanya, produced under the banner of OK Productions by Maani.C.Kaapan, tells the story of vengeance.

Sukanya, the eldest daughter of Sreenivasa Iyer, a pious Brahmin, is a final year MBBS student. She is the one who plays an active role in the family affairs and also the welfare of her two younger sisters. Sukanya, who is loved very much by all, is in love with Sethuraman, an accountant in a Jewellery shop. They dream of leading a life together, but fate has something else in store for them. Sethuraman is killed and circumstances lead to Sukanya and her family earning much disrepute on account of the newspaper report that Sukanya has been arrested on grounds of immoral trafficking. It is in this situation that Kesari Govinda Pillai, a veteran freedom fighter comes to her rescue. He helps her regain her confidence and also wishes to get her married to his son Harshan. But little does Sukanya know that a trap is being set for her. At the same time her heart is seething with the fire of revenge. And the climax of the film forms the part when Sukanya takes it upon herself to revenge Sethuraman’s murder and also fight those who had ruined her life. This is something that causes ripples in political circles too.

Vani Viswanath is in the title role while Unni Shivapaal plays Sethuraman. In the role of Harshan is Jayakrishnan and Janardhanan appears as Kesari Govinda Pillai. The producer Maani.C.Kaapan too appears in a major role, while Saikumar is getting his next major role after that of Sivaraman in Valiyettan. Here he is playing the part of Babuji, a political manipulator. The script is written by Rajan Kiriyath and is based on the novel Nagaravadhu by G.C.Kaarackal, which has been serialized in Keralashabdam weekly. Director Kaladharan is very much thrilled and optimistic about his new film and he feels that Sukanya would showcase one of the best performances by Vani Viswanath.


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