Savior Thirumeni

drama/ action

Starring Suresh Gopi, Manoj K. Jayan, Samyuktha Verma, Nedumudi Venu, Narendra Prasad, Rahna, Sangeetha Mohan, Jagathy Sreekumar,  KPAC Lalitha

Directed by Shajun Karyul


Director Shajun Karyul directs this new action drama and for this he brings together Suresh Gopi and Manoj K. Jayan.

However though the movie was claimed to be a strong and dramatic one, none of the distributors were ready to release the movie during Onam with both RAVANAPRABHU and RAKSHASA RAJAVU emerging strong competitors.

So now though the movie is ready, one will have to wait a bit longer before we see the release of this movie.

Especially with Suresh Gopi's last film RANDAAM BHAVAM flopping miserably, Suresh Gopi's movies are no longer hot as they once used to be.

Devadathan Namboodri is the main man at the respective 'tharavadu'. And his best friend is Mithran Namboodripaadu.Everyone knows how close the two are.

But what no one knows is that Mithran has actually a different face. He is scheming behind everyone's back with a sole aim of the destruction of this particular household. 

Mithran keeps making his moves, and eventually Devadathan finds out.

But why is Mithran doing it? And will Devadathan be able to stop him before things get out of hand?

Suresh Gopi plays Devadathan while Manoj K. Jayan comes up with a brilliant character in Mithran.

The movie also stars Samyuktha Verma, NarendraPrasad, Nedumudi Venu and several others.

Music is by Raveendran. 


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