Jayaraj's next


For those who did not know, noted director Jayaraj is attempting to make a nava rasa series. Karunam, which saw the director walking away with most of the awards is first of this series.

The next movie in this line up is
Well what is surprising about the movie is that it does not feature an actor in the male lead but a football star. So Kerala viewers shall see well known football player I.M. Vijayan cast in the lead role of this movie.

Santham is reportedly the story of a man who kills a close friend, and deals with the emotional conflicts that go in his mind after this incident. Highlight will be the relationship between the two mothers, that is the killer's and the murdered friends'. One is played by K.P.A.C Lalitha while the other is by Seema Biswas.

Jayaraj who finds it a challenge to cast non-actors in the movie. He did it in his earlier Karunam and he does it again for Santham.

Jayaraj also tried his hands on an out-and-out commercial venture,
MILLENNIUM STARS which however did not do well at the boxoffice. But he did manage to get into the records as the First movie to release in the new millennium when Jayaraj released it exactly one minute past the midnight of January 1.

The movie has been shot in one start-to-finish schedule that lasted only 14 days. But the movie has been shot, completed, and is ready at the editing table. A Christmas release is being slated for this movie as of now.

However the fate of the movie is not going to keep the director tensed up as he is already working out a draft of his next venture which probably would star Jayaram.


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