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Starring Parthiban, Divya Unni, Ranjith

Directed by K.Subash

Music  Deva

Sabash is the story of a loving husband Cheenu who finds his dear wife has commited suiced. The viewers are then taken a flash back trip down memory lane to show how Seenu and his wife Shanti met and married and the wonderful life they led till this tragic incidents taht take place turning Seenu's life upside down. 

 Seenu manages to find that his friend, Dharan (played by Ranjith) had once been his wife's ex-lover and he had tried to misbehave with his wife. But with hetr husband coming to know of the truth, an ashamed Shanthi commits suicide. 

This makes Seenu go a vengeance seeking spree and begins to make everyone around him believe that Seenu has gone blind. But when asked to prove his blindness, he actually goes and blinds himself.

Another feather in Parthiban's cap for he does the role convincingly with his trademark dialogue delivery which are always kept sharp and strong.

 Divya Unni's transition from the Malayam screen to Tamil is rather disappointing. She doesn't do much here. Good support from Ranjith though. 

The songs and the picturisations are just ordinary but it is certainly Parthiben that really keeps ones interest alive. The pungent script too helps splendidly. 


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