Starring  Abbas, Madhavan, Harini, Prema
Directed by Srinivas
Music: Sandeep Chowta

So with Alaipayuthey doing the magic and Madhavan being the hottest property in Tamil Cinema at the moment, what would be the best thing to do. Obviously is to make a movie with Madds as the hero in it. But why wait that long, if you can instead easily dub a Telegu movie of his. That is exactly what we have here in the form of RELAX.

WEll, there is nothing much of a plot here too. WE have a wealthy but miser of a father Ananthamoorthy (Satish Shah). And then we have his two kids, Sidharth (Madhavan) and Shanti (Harini) each with their own personal dreams of success.

And into the picture comes a poor yet easy-going (or should I say, relaxed) Raju played by Abbas. These three college kids one day decide to go for a road trip on their father's car and they are also joined by the second female lead (Prema) and they are off for the adventures.

But adventures soon become misadventures with these four youngsters getting kidnapped by the villain, played by PrakshRaj.

The movie is insane at times filled to the brim with slapstick comedy and trying to give you the feel of a masala timepass, unfortunately it does not spark much and instead turns out to be more than one can chew, like the disastrous VIP.

Another point of the movie is that it is NOT a Madhavan starrer because he is just playing second-lead to Abbas here.

Therefore we have an Abbas-vehicle being promoted as a Madhavan blockbuster. But Abbas does come up with the stuff once in a while. However it is Madhavan, as a rockstar wannabe, who does it all wrong going over the top in some scenes. And please not let us not discuss his hair in this movie. The female leads have delivered a very amateurish stuff over here. But one can always count on Prakashraj to o a good job of whichever roles he gets on his hand.

Technically, the only thing worth a second look are the picturisation and songs with the music given by Sandeep Chowta.

But the lyrics also again does not help its cause much and suffers because of the dubbing crisis.

Basically a movie with targets the college crowd, it does not have much though and brains working behind it, for all the team is trying to do is give you some entertainer, and get you to relax….so you might get exactly that.

However if you are looking for great acting or a good movie, look elsewhere ...


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