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Starring :Ajit, Priya Gill, Rajan P. Dev, Rajeev Raghuvaran, Vivek, Manivannan & Sri Vidya
Directed by Ram Sathya

     Music  Deva

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Ajit is desperate to seal off the top position in the Tamil industry as his. In the battle between the new bloods, it has been literally Vijay vs Ajit for quite some time now. 

But all his desperation just takes him even further down the ladder just for the simply reason that he took on a project like RED-  standing for Revolution, Evolvution, Development

Ajit plays the role of a local madurai rowdy. But this rowdy is a "robin hood" of sorts with him only using his brawns for the purpose of good. So though he is always there for the needy and helpless, he can't shrug off the title of a "goon".

Manimeghala (Rajesh) comes to Madurai to do a serialized story for his magazine and he picks Red's life for his subject. 

So we come to know of Red as an orphan but a 'goonda' with a heart of gold. He conducts 'mobile courts' where Red is the gaurdian of the law and justice. Even the MAyor wants his help, when the town needs to be cleaned of illegal elements. Red also destroys another rival goonda  Srini (Salim Ghouse) and makes the place a better place to live in.

Then his tuff dude also begins to fall in love with Gayathri (Priya Gill) and this secret admirer even begins to fund her education as well as help her brother become a cricket star. 

Things get really bad again however with Srini making a comeback with the help of the Police Commisioner (Rajeev) and soon Red ends up in jail. Months later, Red comes back thirsty for revenge and what follows is some bloody and mindless exercices of violence which just screws up things even further for Red.

And the rest is how the reporter Manimeghala and his editor (raghuvaran) comes to scene alongwith the avid readers of Red's stories,  tries to get Red out of the mess and reunite him with his love Gayathri.


The movie is so ordinary in screenplay or storytelling and the characters are as dead as a fish in the pan. Wonder how did director Ram Sathya even dream of this movie ever becoming a blockbuster masala.R

When Rajnikanth pulls of a 'demi-god' stunt like he does in his movies, one must remember that it is something that he rose to after years of serving the audiences. He has the kind of fans to back him and bail him out when necessary.

Ditto even further down south, Mohanlal suddenly has taken on that 'demi-god no one can touch me' image...but his movies too are running well because he has years of service and blockbusters behind him, and thus the loyalty of fans.

So what exactly is Ajit trying to do by putting on a stunt like this when he still have to prove himself to be a top notch actor first. Just because he is a star does not mean that he can try to become the mega-star. He is no Rajni, MGR, Lal or Amitabh to pull off something of this kind. 

Ajit ends up as the worst choice for a role like this suddenly, coming with weird mannerisms and equally comical expressions.


Priya Gill fails to hit it off in Bollywood, and it looks like after this heartless performance, her career won't spark in the south either. Manivannan and the rest of the cast also looks a lot disinterested in the going-ons just like the viewers in the theatres.

This is nothing but a bad decision from the actor Ajit and even if his few fans are going to stick by him, the general public won't and now Ajit will have to do normal romantic flicks like Prasanth and Vijay and start from all over.

Nothing new in here, just a superhero image put in for this local goonda, where realism and natural emotions all are thrown through the window while cinematic

Deva is known for screwing all the oppurtunity that he gets and even here inspite of being a big project, all he can come up with is very average item numbers that will fizz and disappear before you can count 1-2-3!

In short, RED stands for nothing but ridiculous, empty and disastrous! RED is the perfect example of intolerable movie.



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