Starring :Vijaykanth, Dileep, Shamita Shetty, Priyanka Trivedi and Prakash Raj

Directed by Manoj Kumar

Music  Bharadwaj

Vijaykanth movies sadly are not reaching any new heights and they get to se the same ol' stuff over and over again. Besides that, Vijaykanth is just getting older and older day by day. So does this mean it is the end of the road for Vijaykanth?

Well, the producers don't think so and Vijaykanth has no problems getting the hot young newcomers to star opposite him. This time Shamita Shetty, the hot one from Mohabbatein is cast opposite him in his new film Rajiyam.


The story is a tale of two brothers who love each other a lot. It tells you the story of two brothers Karthikeyan and Surya.

Karthikeyan (Vijaykanth) plays the role of a happy family man, with a wife (Shamita Shetty) and kid, and also with lots of love to give with his younger brother Surya (Dileep).

Karthikeyan by profession is also a private investigator, so expect him to walk upon a case and thus bringing a bunch of villains into the picture. Thus they begin to play by creating problems between the two brothers.

Meanwhile Surya will also have his own love track with another girl (Priyanka Trivedi) but soon Surya gets into trouble and is framed for a murder.


The real big thing to look forward in this flick is undoubtedly Dileep's debut into the Tamil industry. Dileep has been a bg box office draw all through last year and is currently the uncrowned king of the Kerala Film industry. Let's just hope that he brings on his good luck into Chennai as well.

Shamita Shetty seems to have had no luck up in Bollywood, so she decides to try a few outings down south. Meanwhile model Priyanka Trivedi also gets roped in as the other heroine.

Prakash Raj also plays an important role in this film directed by Manoj Kumar of Vaanavil fame.


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