social drama

Starring , Divyasri,Akash, Sharmili, Ashwini, Santhana, Bharathi, Manivannan. 
Directed by Raj Maradhu

PENGHAL is certainly a bold movie that is not your usual masala fare. It certainly takes a daring look at prostitution and comes out well. Very rarely do you see a movie that tries to deliver a genuine message in the name of entertainment. 

This move tells you the story of a village where it is an age old traditional practice for every girl child on reaching puberty totake up prostitution. Exploitation of these girls carries on and there is no one to protest with Madam Valsamma (Sharmili) who makes all the rules in the village. 

 One such woman of this village (Ashwini)manages to deliver her child in the city and instantly hands over the baby to an orphanage. The girl grows up and years later, she Kaveri (divyasri) soon goes on a search for her mother. She is accompanied by a journalist friend (Akash)and together they reach the village and poses to be husband and wife.

Soon these two discover hidden truths behind this village and the practices and decide to get to the bottom of all these. But it certainly is no easy task!

First of all, hats off to Director Raj Marudhu for attempting a movie like this. Though there are certain scenes that seem to be rather puts the movie off track, the director still manages to draw a required shade of an unfriendly and depressing tone to the whole thing.

And despite the lack of big names in the cast, the actors have given their best of efforts. Both Divyasree and Akash have put in good commendable performances and the rest of the members too have given good support.

Certainly the depressing tones of the movie, and the lack of a strong names might not attract everyone to the cinemas. But the movie is a commendable effort and it deals with the topic quite well. Definitely worth a watch!


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