Starring Mohanlal, Biju Menon, Ramya Krishnan, Ashwathi, Kaavya Madhavan, Jagathy, Narendra Prasad, Jagdeesh and Pranavu 

Directed by Thampi Kananthanam

Music S.P. Venkatesh

ONNAMAN  is one of director Thampy Kananthanam's highly aniticipated projects because he works once again with the talents of Mohanlal. 

But the real reason why the film is making the news is because Mohanlal's son, Pranavu shall be making his entry into film world with this. And everyone would like to see if the boy has even a shade of his father's immense talent. Obviously it would be too early too say anything, but expectations are still very high.

 The film tells the story of Ravi, who is always the most popular and liked man everywhere. Right from childhood, Ravi would stand up for any of his close friends, and as he grows up he becomes the saviour to many of the general public. His popularity makes him rise from a mere Ravi to Shri Ravi Shankar. 

And obviously, we can expect with such popularity, there would be some enemies lurking in the backdrop who would like to see his downfall.

Pranavu has been signed to play the childhood years of Mohanlal's character. 

Mohanlal shall be supported by Biju Menon, Jagathy, Jagdeesh. The female cast includes Ramya Krishnan, Kaava Madhavan and Ashwathi (of SATYAM SIVAM SUNDARAM fame).

So will this movie prove to meet the high-expectations that we expect from a Lal film, especially after the recent success of his latest release RAVANA PRABHU.



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