action drama

Starring Vijaykanth, Isha Koppikar, Napoleon, Ranjit, Nasser, N. S. Verghese , Sharat Saxena

Directed by Thirupathysamy

Music  Manu Sharma

Vijaykanth and brother-in-law Sudish jointly coproduce this action packed film, NARASIMMA - a movie that promises to deliver the goods for Vijaykanth fans as well as action movie fans alike.

It was sad though that the promising young director Thirpathyswamy died in a car accident while returning from the studio during the dubbing stages of the movie. 




Vijaykanth is introduced as a man who goes about killing several influencial people in the society and even goes about bombing the CBi headquarters. Donned in those long overcoats and with contact lenses of various colors, one can easily mistake him for a terrorist. And with each killing he take the liberty to proclaim his name...Narasimha, with the background score in full swing...SIMHA...NARASIMMA! Whatever!

But come second half, and we realise that Narasimma is noone but a top CBI officer who went about his killings because all his victims were actually working for the Kashmir terrorist group. 

And so later it is upto this man to even save some top Indian officials from the hands of these terrorists. So its then a war between Narasimma and the Kashmiri terrorists, who seems to have no problems in communicating in tamil all the while. 



Absence of a clear script and storyline, with the movie being nothing but an excuse for some mindless violence and to throw cash around by doing the show around the country.

A movie strictly made for the Vijaykanth fans who don't mind seeing him again and again in the same mindless 'cop' role just because one or two went on to become superhits.

A plot filled with loop holes and stupidities. What else do you expect when the cop who is supposed to be undercover goes about his job in broad day light with everyone coming to know about his actions. 

The songs are nothing but just a hindrance to the pace of the movie.

Late Thirupathyswamy could have concentrated a bit more on the narration and some decent content.

The hero constantly reminding you his name does get to you after a while.

The music isn't much to talk about!



Well executed action scenes though they are just crammed into the movie one after another.

The movie does have a slick look to it. Good camera work also has helped its cause.

Vijaykanth has done the role well in this one-man show of the movie. He does take the cake!

 The heroine Isha Koppikar has nothing much to do except come for those song numbers. And then the cast includes the host of villains all of them who just come and go.

The movie is certainly a fast paced one and the climax sequences are quite praiseworthy.

Oh yes, and an item number from Ramya Krishnan is the other big attraction of the movie!


F I N A L   V E R D I C T 

A movie with excessive violence and an excuse of a storyline. Might be slick, still the movie is somehow just another typical Vijaykanth action movie. 

And maybe for the same reason, this slick action movie might be appreciated by the die-hard Vijaykanth fans, but for the rest of you, it would be nothing beyond the average.


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