magic lamp


Starring Jayaram, Meena, Samyuktha, Divya Unni, Indrans, Jagathy

Directed by  Haridas

Music Ousepachan



Director Haridas is currently working on his new movie which has been titled MAGIC LAMP.

The movie brings together the very successful pairing of Jayram and Meena who both together have always brought out the magic, with their biggest hit together being FRIENDS.

But the real USP of the movie is the four different roles that Jayaram plays in the movie. 

The movie also shall feature the talents of Samyuktha Verma, Divya Unni,  Jagathy, Indrans, among many others.

Meena plays the role of Anupama, a rich and spoilt girl who is a very career oriented female, inspite of being from a rich family.

So even though her family thinks that the job is not necessary, she is adamant in working. Now Anupama's parents died when she was young, so now she is under the care of her grandparents. And since she stands to inherit the large wealth, her uncles are hoping to get their own sons married off to Anupama.

But Anupama to keep the marriage ideas away comes up with a fictitious lover, in the form of Dr.Nanda kumar (Jayaram).

The music for this movie shall be composed by Ousepachchen.

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