Krishna Gopala Krishna


Starring Balachandra Menon, Sreenivasan, Siddique, Manoj K. Jayan, Lal, Mini Nair, Sreeja Chandran

Directed by Balachandra Menon

Balachandra Menon have always come up with interesting movies and certainly entertaining ones. During the eighties, his movies all were very much appreciated and many of them went on to become super hits.

But come the nineties, Balachandra Menon was no longer the same old force. His movies somehow failed to take off the way it once used to. 

But the silver lining during this part was that he did win a National Award in 1998 for his last movie.

Now his latest project is a movie to be produced by KSFDC. 


The movie tells the story of the life of Gopal Krishnan. The movies starts off right from his childhood way till his prime. And in between we come across several of the characters that touched his life. These characters include his father (Venuji), mother (Mini Nair), his childhood companion Radha, his school teacher. 

The boy then goes on to become a successful businessman but the man turns out to be an intolerable social being. Already frustrated with life, it just gets worse as he is forced into marriage. Things just kept getting bad and neither his wife nor his kids can tolerate him. 

Now as a middle age man, GopalKrishan is a total misfit and ends up in ashrams and hospitals to gain back some sanity in life.

The movie is filled with special appearances from actors like Lal, Manoj K. Jayan etc. 

While the later stages of GopalKrishnan's life shall be played by Balachandra Menon himself, the early days will be portrayed by a newcomer. 

And usually when Balachandra Menon comes up with a new face (especially heroines), they go on to become big stars in their own right. 


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