MoviemagiK tamil


drama/ melodrama

Starring Vikram, Kaveri, Kavya Madhavan, Rajeev, Manivannan

Directed by Vinayan

Music Illayaraja

Finally here is a movie that is going to break the lean period for tamil movies, which hasn't seen a quality movie for a long time. Finally, it takes yet another Malayalam movie remake to bring in some fresh piece of characters and story-telling.

And Director Vinayan who opted to make a frame-to-frame copy of his malayalam super hit Vasanthiyum Lakmiyum Pinne Njanum couldn't have come up with a better person than Vikram to play the lead role of the film. Afterall, Vikram is still not a star leaving ample scope for experimentations. 

But it certainly seems a wise move to cast Vikram in the role of Kalabhavan Mani. Vikram is suddenly emerging one of the most powerful actors in tamil. Thankfully, he is still an actor and not a superstar that gives him the liberties to experiment.


The story is about Kasi a blind young man who lives in poverty in a small hut with his bedridden father, a loving mother and his sister (Kavya Madhavan). Though blind, the man is blessed with a wonderful voice and he uses this talent to earn a living. So he takes care of his family by singing by the busy streets and junctions. Kasi also loves the mute neighbor girl Kaveri (kaveri).

In comes the influential landlord (Rajeev) alongwith the CM's son and his wife (Aiswarya) to visit the village. And while the landlord promises to help Kasi and even sets an appointment with a doctor, he has other plans in mind.

He uses this favor to take advantage of situation and calls over Kasi's sister and Kaveri to his bungalow where he and the CM's son rape the two girls. However both the girls are scared to speak out thinking that Kasi's operation would never take place.


The touching story won the hearts of the keralite audiences and there is no reason why it shouldn't appeal to the tamil audiences as well. Undoubtedly the movie is a winner, and director Vinayan sticks to the original format without compromising in any way. 

The highlight of the movie is the screenplay where every scenes is framed such that it is going to bring tears and smiles in the same go. The central character of Kasi is so touching and a smile on Kasi's face makes your heart skip a beat! And though the movie is seriously melodramatic, it is not forced upon. Circumstances and situations look very much natural and realistic.

And with the movie, all the credit solely goes into the lap of Vikram who has done an amazing job of this once in a lifetime oppurtunity.

 Though I thought Kalabhavan Mani had done a marvellous job in the original, this is no inferior performance either. Vikram is definitely the best actor among the newcomers. And fortunately he is an actor first, and then a star rather than the other names like Vijay and Ajit. People already comparing his acting in this movie with the likes of someone like Kamal Hassan is no small compliment either.

But my only complaint is that Vinayan has tried to extract the same thing that Mani gave in the original, and did not try to get something new out of Vikram.So the blind man of the tamil version is very much just an imitation of the original performance.

Kaveri is repeating the same role that she did in the original and she does it with ease and grace. Kaavya Madhavan, replacing Praveena from the malayalam film, has also made a grand debut into Tamil industry with this role.

The rest of the cast also comes with good performances to support the main actors. 

Though the music from Illayaraja isn't exactly the chartbusting kind, the melodious songs are sure to gain popularity as more and more public begins to appreciate the film.


Well, my advise is to all those who have been getting gross comedies, and over-hyped romantic nonsense for the past few years in tamil movies should go ahead and feast yourselves to this movie which is sure to win your hearts. And even if not the movie, then Vikram is still sure to touch your heart...this my guarantee!



MoviemagiK redefining entertainment!

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