Kalkondu oru Pennu


Starring Vijaysanthi, Suresh Gopi, Dileep, Murali
Directed by Shyama Prasad

Music: Illayaraja

Though this was supposed to be Shyama Prasad's first movie, it was his second movie AgniSakshi that managed to release first and fetch him the awards and recognition in the cine world.

Anyhow back to this one. The movie tells the story of a nurse Sita. And mind you, she is just like everyother malayalee nurse around this part of the country, working hard so that her siblings and family back home can lead a happy contended life. She even forsakes the love of Dr.Suresh for them. But how much of that gratitude remains is anybody's guess.

Now Sita's sister Raji's wedding gets arranged with Mohanan whose dowry demands includes even a job visa in the gulf. However when Sita leaves for Kerala to attend the marraige, the Gulf War breaks out.

Sita goes missing for some days but then happens to appear in a newspaper photo holding a child with the caption: A mother and child at the refugee camp.

The photo is enough to send talks of Sita having an illegimate child to do the rounds. She finally manages to resurface in Kerala with the child but only to find a different attitude from all the people.

VijaySanthi has really given a superb performances.

The lady, known for her action roles, has definitely proven that she is a good actress and can handle any dialogues and emotions the same way she handles a gun . But here she has given a superb performance as Sita. Suresh Gopi, Murali, Dileep, Maniyanpilla Raju all have given good performances in their respective roles too.

Once again a different movie to Malayalam movies however Shyama Prasad does not match up to the standards set in his award winning Agnisakshi.
Illayaraja also gives a rather decent scores though none of the songs exceptionally stand out.

But the movie has a strong theme but the hard drama might not be exactly a crowd puller, but is definitely one fine movie.



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