Starring Mammooty, Aathira, Murali, Saikumar, Kalabhavan Mani, Cochin Haneefa, Ganesh

Directed by Vinayan

Mammooty won critical praise with his dedicated title portrayal in BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR and then he tasted mega box office success with VELIYETTAN. 

And now he teams up with director Vinayan in the movie DADASAHEB that promised to be different. And obviously opening grandly this Christmas. 

And different it is, because we have Mammooty in a double role, as father and son. However except for that factor, the rest of the movie moves like any other movie with a weak storyline and looks to merely cash in on the superstar's image. 

Mammooty plays the title of DADASAHEB, a great freedom fighter during the pre-independance era, who happens to be honored and respected by all the town folk alike. 

And then we have the old man's son AbuBacker (Mammooty again) who also happened to serve the army. But being the son of the great father, he too manages to fight against the injustice going around in the town. But with bombs being planted in the local temple, fingers are pointed at Abu Backer and before you know it, he is charged with treason and is accused of being a Pakistani ISI agent.

The elderly DADASAHEB then goes about to save his son from the clutches of the law and goes all the way up to the President. But it is when the President too rejects the appeal that everything is lost and Abu Backer is to be hanged.

But it is when the father returns with his son's body back to his home that the absurd twist of the movie takes place and from there it is the usual masala where the true culprits are found out and brought to justice. 

 Once again the twist that director Vinayan brought about is completely absurd and nonsensical. And then even the people who emerges as the true villains are purely unbelievable.  

Vinayan must have certainly brought out decent down-to-earth movies but here he too falls for the box office pressures. The storyline is just crammed and if he thinks that anyonhe should take this movie seriously ought to think again!

The whole thing lies entirely on the strong performance from Mammooty as the elderly man and with the Malapurram dialect to go with it. But Mammooty as the younger one isn't as convincing. The rest of the cast inspite of names like Kalabhavan Mani, Saikumar, Cochin Haneefa really have nothing major to do and newcomer Athira as the son's lover is also infact disappointing.

The background score is quite loud and the movie gets too violent and bloody as the movie reaches its climax. One certainly wishes that director Vinayan could bring out a bit of credibility to the script and storyline.

Strictly for those hardcore Mammooty fans. As for those who appreciate some good movie better look elsewhere because here Vinayan and the team gets a bit too carried away while trying to movie as big and grand as possible! However the movie does not justify the bumper opening that the movie is getting all over Kerala.


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