Cover Story

suspense thriller 

Starring  Suresh Gopi, Biju Menon, Tabu
Directed by G.S.Vijayan

Cover Story is yet another suspense thriller that promises to keep the audiences on the edge of the seats, but one wonders when is that going to be.

It all begins when Jasmine (Tabu) a girl who came down from Mumbai, becomes a witness to the murder of a Retired Justice (Nedumudi Venu). That is how she comes into the picture of two good friends- Vijay and Anand. Vijay Madhavan works for a TV channel and is always ready to bring out the most hard hitting of stories with utmost honesty. Anand to is a bold and honest police officer.

Things takes a further dip when JAsmine witnesses yet another murder and this time Anand is sure that there is some connection between all these murders and Jasmine. Vijay on the other hand tries to argue in favour of Jasmine. Things take a further turn, when the identity of the killer comes to be known.

Suresh Gopi does the usual in a role that is literally made for im. Biju Menon also comes out strong in this powerful role. However this isn't anything new for both these actors as they have done similar roles a number of times before. Siddique also shines in his respective role.

But the USP of this movie has to be the return of Tabu into the Malayalam Cinema after her career-changing role in Kaalapaani. However, watching her we find that she seems a bit lost in the proceedings and the director has failed to make her comfortable and draw out a better character of Jasmine.

The story and the script however falters onseveral accounts. The movies suspense factor disintegrates unconvincingly like the earlier Suresh Gopi starrer- Dreams. The audience simply loses interest with the going ons midway through the movie. And no amount of talent from the cast can cover up for that.

Though the die hard Suresh Gopi fans might not be exactly disappointed with this, it still lacks anything new to offer Malayalm Cinema.


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