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teen flick

Starring :Siddharth, Bharath, Nakul, Sai, manigandan, Vivek and Harini
Directed by Shankar
    Music A.R.Rahman

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Shankar has always managed to deliver the goods at the boxoffice. First of all he hits the right tones pre-release itself with the outstanding scores from buddy A.R.RAhman. And this duo have created magic throughout Gentleman, Indian, Mudhalvan, Kaadhalan etc. While many of them had political overtones, this time Shankar decided to just lay back and give one gift for the youth- and thus was born BOYS.

Boy's is a story of five friends who are from various backgrounds, enjoying the ingredients of youth and violating the normal life, which take them to the reality and then identify their talents. And the Secret of Success!!!

Babu Kalyanam aka Bob Galy is the fashion conscious dude with a special liking towards everything 'western'. 

Munna is the sweet boy next door character. A more reserved kind of guy who is content with his computers and poetry writing sessions.

Juju is the laid back guy who really likes to freak out his way through life. He is also the keyboard specialist in the band.

The drummer is Krishna, and this Krishna is still on the hunt for his radha, and he does not mind even if its a lil older package.

Last but not least, is the Arts student Kumar who has a dangerous asset up his sleeve which he thinks can get him the gals- a sense of humour. 

And where does the girl fit into all this......wait and find out..


So guys get ready for BOYS. The movie that boasts of the biggest technical advancements in Indian cinema. Shankar has roped in a bunch of newcomers and have thrown all the money into the latest state of the art technology to make BOYS a helluva experience for the average movie going crowd. With a whopping 22 crores being pumped into this flick, expect to see the money's worth on screen.

Expect some outstanding cinematography under the supervision of ace cameraman Ravi K Chandran, the experienced V.T. Vijayan''s editing and national award winning Sabu Cyril handling the art direction department.

Some of the big things that Shankar has to be proud about in this movie includes a big song sequence shot in Melbourne using the 'time slice' method for which he had to use upto 62 cameras at a time to get the desired effect.

Also a song choreographed digitally on CGI characters. Also we have a song that features not less than 500 dancers.

And had it been a Bollywood director, he would have gone on and on about the special features. But Shankar has kept a silence over the whole thing so far, and he expects the movie to do all the talking. Keeping the plot and storyline all in secrecy, Shankar is busy right now just letting the public know that BOYS is here to stay for good!

The music of the film, composed by the genius A.R.Rahman has already rocked the charts and is certainly a trend setter in ever respect. More also the album marks the coming together of Rahman with pop icons like Adnan Sami and Lucky Ali in tamil. Obviously when Shankar and Rahman joins forces, the music would always be something to look out for. But this time, the duo has taken a big step forward.

The real problem is that the film will try to take a hyper-urban ultra slick look and how well that goes down with the conservative movie going crowd of Chennai




MoviemagiK  redefining entertainment!

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