drama/ biographical 

Starring Shivaji Shinde, Devyani

Directed by Gnana Rajashekaran

Music  Illayaraja

This is a powerful biographical film on one of the greatest poets that lived in India, Subramanya Bharati. 

Strangely, the funeral of this man, who wrote thousands of poems in his life, was attended by no more than 14 people. 

And from this opening scene, the director takes the viewers back into this poets life and the narration is told in episodes about the various stages in this poet's life. Be it his childhood, his marriage to Chellamma, him being a teacher, writer, and even a fugitive, while living in utmost poverty are shown with immense skill and care. Thus the director takes a great step to immortalise a legendary figure so that his works may be known even to generations to come.

 Bharathi is shown shown as a man who never gave up, even at the greatest of sufferings. 

His thoughts, and ideologies were ahead of his times and the society had problems accepting him for what he is. He was never a pessimist under no circumstances. However, his arrogance, and out-spoken attitude was simply hard for the rest to digest. But the genius, though misunderstood, lived on being the rebellious soul he was. 

He raised his voice on all issues even if it meant discarding his own caste and religion. Casteism, social taboos, freedom for all, be it man or woman, he never have stepped back from his thoughts and principles.

The absorbing narration also manages to show the married life of Bharathi, where his wife Chellamma finds Bharathi a hard man to cope up with. With Chellamma being the traditional woman, she have problems living upto the anti-conservative and modern thinking man, that is Bharathi. But Bharathi, inspite of all his flaws, is never a brutal man, as he loves his wife dearly. A balanced picture of the relationship has been shown to the viewers.

Shivaji Shinde, (seen previously in Shool) has delivered a magnificent performance which is sure to bring him the much-deserved laurels.

 He has emoted and displayed the several faces of Bharathi splendidly. Devyani has also given her best at the role of her lifetime. Notable mention must also be given to Master Pushpak for his wonderful job at portraying the young Bharathi.

The director is undoubtedly the true winner in this movie. Rajashekaran has taken great pains into showing us such an honest look into the personal saga of the great poet. Illayaraja's music lends a wonderful support.

Though one hopes the talents and effort put into the movies will not go unappreciated, it is still hard for a movie like this to reign supreme at the box-office. Whatever the box-office fate be, it still remains an absorbing and powerful movie as long as the viewers have the patience to see the genius at work! 


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