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action drama

Starring :Rajini Kanth, Manisha Koirala
Directed by Suresh Krissna
    Music A.R. Rahman


Finally after the silence of nearly 4 years, the volcano has erupted. Superstar Rajinikanth has decided to start work on his new movie.

Superstar Rajini s teaming up with his Baasha director Suresh Krissna for this movie, with music from A.R.Rahman who is all set to put in his best into the project, now that his musical Bombay Dreams is out of the way!

This is the posters that was splashed across Chennai dailies announcing the launch of the project. The puja was held successfully on March 24th at AVM studios with a guest list that even included the man who gave Rajinikanth his break, K. Balachander!


Though it was highly promoted as a possible Rajini-Ash venture, it is certain now that will not happen. The makers were planning a start-to-finish schedule hoping to release it by August, and Aishwarya Rai does not have that kind of dates to spare. So it looks like the lucky lady shall be Manisha Koirala.

Obviously a Rajini movie is going to be bumper and the hype is just getting bigger with every passing day. But after the disastrous Aalavandhan, one will have to rethink if Suresh Krissna can deliver the goods. maybe with Rajini he just he is a director who can do more justice to an superstar like Rajini than a talent like Kamal.

Hoping for the best....BABA will be something to look forward to later this year!



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