Kandukondein Kandukondein

love story / drama

Starring  Aishwarya Rai, Tabu, Mamooty,Ajit, Abbas
Directed by Rajiv Menon
Music:  A.R. Rahman

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Rajiv Menon had brought a revolution when it came to bringing fascinating visuals to your screen with his debut Minsara Kanavu. However he forgot that a good script is necessary to make a movie successful. So this time he is back to prove that there is more to him than what was seen last time.

Kandukondein Kandukondein is a desi version of the classic literary piece Sense & Sensibility. And boy! this desi version boasts of some casts indeed.

KK basically is the story of two sisters who are completely opposite to the approach towards life. The elder one Soumya (Tabu) is the calm, sober, practical yet sensitive one while the younger Meenakshi (aishwarya) is the hyper-active and lively dreamer. When the former is happy to spend her life with any groom arranged for her, Meenu is the one who storngly believes that she shall be swept away by a lover who is out there somewhere. These two sisters lead a happy life back in their village with their mother, another younger sister, and a paralysed grandfather.

Into Soumya life walks in Manohar (Ajit) , a wannabe director. Gradually Soumya simply cannot help but fall in love with Manohar. Howeve, Manohar soon leaves the village promising to return for her once he directs his debut movie.

Another character that walks in is that of Major Bala (Mamooty) who happens to be a former military officer who lost one of his legs in a military operation and now runs a flower farm trying to forget his past. He gets close to the family and also falls in love with Meenakshi. However Meenakshi never manages to see this and Bala also fails to express it fearing rejection.

But it comes too late as Meenu meets Srikanth (Abbas), a business whizkid. Soon Meenu believes she found her dream lover in him. Soon you have Srikanth leaving for the city too.

However, everything stops being glossy and candy sweet for the sisters when after the death of the grandfather, their family is cheated out of the ancestoral home and is forced to leave the village. They pack up and head for the city looking to earn a living. Though things starts off difficult, it begins to improve with Soumya getting a job as a receptionist.

Soon Major Bala also lands in the city and helps the family out. He also gets Meenu a chance to become a singer.

Meanwhile both the girls try to trace down their lovers. However both the guys get entangled in their own life and has no time for the girls. MAnohar is too engrossed in the making of his movie while Sriknath's finance firm goes broke and he is in a big financial crisis.

Will the two sisters manage to get their love? Will Major Bala ever be able to come out with his true feelings for Meenakshi?

Rajiv Menon shows a matured control over the works in this movie and this time there is a great balance between the script and the visuals.

He also brings back his fave A.R. Rahman to score the music, which in no way is lesser to the award-winning score of Minsara Kanavu.

Both Aishwarya and TAbu look amazingly superb in a role that have none of the usual glamour. They both look comfortable in their roles too. Ajith and Abbas also chips in with a decent performance as the script demands. However, Mammotty is the one who leaves an impression at the end of it all. He acts with such a charm that the character of Bala is simply lovable.

Special appearances by Pooja Batra and Dino Moreau just adds more pomp into the whole experience.

The dialogues are simple yet witty and moves along well along with the graceful poetry and lyrics. Though the screenplay does get off tempo at times, the director ensures that he still have a steady grip on it.

Certainly no reason why one must not watch the movie, for a rather simple story told in one of the most spell-binding way one can!


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