Yeh Zindagi Ka Safar

StarringAmisha Patel, Jimmy Shergil, Gulshan Grover, Nafisa Ali

Directedby Tanuja Chandran

Musicby Daboo Malik 

Tanuja Chandra has been working with the Bhatts for a long time now. And after working on story-screenplay department and all, she made her directorial debut with the Kajol starrer DUSHMAN, and then followed it with SANGARSH.

Though both these movies were different and had the base for something great, Tanuja got it wrong somewhere down the line. No, they werenít bad movies but their execution left a lot to be desired.

Her latest movie is YEH ZINDAGI KA SAFAR, another movie where Tanuja puts a female as the center of the proceedings. This time it is Amisha Patel and the male lead is the young Jimmy Shergill.

Initially she had planned this movie to be much lighter with Govinda in the male lead.

Serena Dewan(Amisha Patel) is an upcoming pop star, and the only daughter of a rich industialist Vivek Dewan (gulshan Grover). However her happy picture perfect life changes when a young journalist Jai (Jimmy Shergil) breaks a story claiming Serena to be an adopted child.

An angry Vivek Dewan confronts the lad but Serena soon finds out that the story is true afterall. And now the girl is hell bent on finding her true mother. So she starts her quest, and Jai keeps following her all the way. 

Finally Jai and Serena patches up and joins together in this search. 

The search finally takes her to a social worker Shrimati Namrata (Nafisa Ali), which turns up to be her real mother. And soon the mother reveals the truth of how she was raped by a top commissioner twenty years back.

Serena obviously is hurt in finding out the truth and is thoroughly shocked to know that the culprit is enjoying a high social life. So she decides to expose the man, no matter what and give her mother her justice. But Namrata refuses to help her out claiming not to have the will to go on a war. So it is all upto Serena and her journalist buddy, Jai to sort out the matters at hand.


POSITIVE: 0         MIXED: 5       NEGATIVE: 4 

Tanuja Chandra known for her hard-hitting films disappoints with this half-baked affair. The script is neither an intense drama like Sangharsh, nor can it manage to make a statement like Dushman.

Instead it is yet another commercial potboiler, with the usual songs, comedy, action, revenge and the subtle love angle thrown in.

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Tanuja Chandra has missed the bus the third time. Director Tanuja Chandra has chosen the right story, but her interpretation is uninspiring and highly over dramatised.

On the whole YZKS is a weak fare with nothing to salvage it. Below average.

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This is one of those "insafarable" fare from the Bhatt School of filmmakers, but Tanuja Chandra has taken pains to rectify her previous mistakes. 

But if there's anyone who leaves you amazed it's Amisha Patel. She comes across as the diminutive dynamite, fiery and spunky. 

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Yeh Zindagi Ka Safar, while not an exceptional piece of art, is definitely Tanujaís best work yet. Director Chandra at the helm of this entire melange can stake a claim to a few pats on the back for her sincere attempt at bringing the story to life on celluloid.

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The Bhatts ó both Mahesh and Mukesh ó and their protégé, Tanuja Chandra should know that creativity cannot be a factory-made product and that a potentially good subject isn't enough to rustle up a watchable film.

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This 'safar' was really quite insufferable. A wafer thin story line that could not withstand the onslaught of bad direction The film would have held together if the script was taut and direction better. As it were, the audience just waited for this 'safar' to get over.

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Amisha Patel is first rate as Sarena. Gorgeous and talented this safar becomes sufferable all because of her.

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Though Yeh Zindagi Ka Safar might not be award-winning material, itís definitely a step in the right direction. A must watch for movie buffs with a vacant weekend.

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Chandraís third inning is a poor mix between her first and second, not at all a step up.This journey, while not bad, isnít much of a worthwhile one either. 

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