Starring  : Saahil Khan, Sharman Joshi, Jaya Seal, Sonali Joshi, Pratap Singh, Mushtaq Khan and Saurabh Shukla

Direction : N Chandra 

Music: Sanjeev Darshan

   ReViewed by  Akshay Shah

In the year 2002 director N.Chandra directed a low budget comedy titled STYLE which starred all newcomers and was a hip and funky comedy about college students  Bantu and Chantu and their whacky and crazy antics which were straight out of a comic book. Although the film was a drag to watch and only appeal to frontbenchers somehow the film became a hit in Mumbai and managed to get some sort of cult following among the youth mainly due to the hit number in the song EXCUSE ME!

Exactly a year later N.Chandra follows STYLE up with a sequel titled XCUSE ME which follows the adventures of Bant and Chantu after college is finished and funnily enough the film is a better project than the orignal although thats not saying much!

 The film starts off exactly where STYLE finished. The duo Bantu(Saahil Khan) and Chantu(Sharman Joshi) have now finished college and are still looking for ways of scamming people and making easy money. Their girlfriends have left them (played by Riya Sen and Shilpi Mugdal in the orignal) and the two are now single. In order to make some money and do more scams they enter into the hotel catering business.

 During their stay in the hotel they encounter some weird character including the hotel manager(Saurabh Shukla), the housekeeping head of department who steals from their guests(Mushtaq Khan) and a fraud who claims to be the Maharani of Janakpur(Shashi Sharma)...not to forget the 2 owners of the hotel who are exremely weird in their behaviour. The duo sort out the crooks and the frauds and become some sort of heroes.

 Along the way they fall in love with the daughters of the hotel owners Chundadi (Jaya Seal) and Mundadi(Sonali Joshi)...but there is a catch if the duo is to marry them!

 The fathers of the two girls set a challenge to Chantu and Bantu if they want to marry their daughters. Chantu and Bantu are to revive  a hotel resort in Goa which has been forced to shutdown because a dreaded gangster Pedro and his brother Sahiba operate their hotel in the same area.

 Chantu and Bantu accept the challenge and how they revive the dead resort and win their father-in-laws hearts forms the crux of the story.


It is clear that the main purpose of the movie is to entertain and make the audience laugh. The entire movie has no aim apart from entertainment and escapism. Much like the orignal, XCUSE ME is laced with bizzare humour, whacky dialogues, comic filled situations and crazy characters. The story of the movie is wafterthin and is there merely to support the antics of the duo.

 Unlike the orignal XCUSE ME manages to be a comedy throughout without turning into a thriller of sorts half way like STYLE did and that is one of the reasons it is a better movie than its predecessor.

 As a director N.Chandra directs the movie with the right amount of zany energy needed. It is much different from his serious films like ANKUSH, TEZAAB, PRATIGHAAT and it is clear that Chandra is directing the movie just for the pleasure of it. He seems to be enjoying what he is doing and betters his first effort with this film with punchier gags and dialogues. Yet it is sad to see a director of his calibre directing such a juvenile film compared to his previous really wishes that Chandra is in top form in his upcoming cop thriller KAGAAR-LIVING ON THE EDGE which promises the comeback of N.Chandra as a serious director.

 In terms of performances the lead pair once again play their part well.

By now it is clear that Sharman Joshi and Saahil Khan both feel 100% in comfort with their parts and enjoy playing the comic roles of Chantu and Bantu which made them famous in the originally.

Sharman Joshi is a complete natural when it comes to comedy and his flair for comedy is evident. His facial expressions, dialogues and gags are all spoton and Joshi is indeed a talent to watch out for as iam sure he is capable of much more than just comedy. He recently gave a wonderful performance in the lowbudget flop KAHAN HO TUM but his performance went unnoticed!

 Saahil Khan shows vast improvement over his first film and matches Joshi step for step. Gone is the stiffness that was earlier there in his first film, Khan now seems more at ease in front of the camera and plays his part well.

 The actresses in the movie dont have much to do except look gorgeous and show off their sexy bodies which they do well.

 It is surprising to see Jaya Seal play the typical bimbo routine after a remarkable performance in Hansal Mehtas CHHAL!  She annoys one with her part and overacts. She is definetly a looker and isnt scared to show it off.

 Sonali Joshi on the other hand is great in her part. She is cute and camera friendly and performs well in the comic scenes.  From the supporting cast Saurabh Shukla is a absolute standout as always and plays his part well. 

One of the biggest letdown of the movie is the music. Where STYLE was filled with smash hit street smart taporti numbers such as EXCUSE ME..KYA RE, XCUSE ME lacks this!

The extensively promoted love song ISHQ HUA is catchy but doesnt catch the viewers attention in terms of picturisation. The other worthy song is YEH TU KYA KARR RAYLA HAI which is a tapori number but lacks the zing and wittiness needed for a song like this.

 Technically the film is good. The camerawork is bright and is straight from the pages of a Archies comic book just like the movie. 

All up XCUSE ME is complete timepass entertainment for those who enjoy watching brainless comedies....just take it on face value. To give it credit it is better than the orignal and does manage to raise some genuine laughs...but apart from that XCUSE ME is nothing more!

6 outta 10



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