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wrong number

suspense thriller

Starring : Rakesh Bapat, Richa Pallod, Rinku Ghosh, Parvin Dabbas, Vrajesh Hirjee, Benjamin Gillani,  Yash Tonk, Tinnu Anand

Direction : : Jignesh M.Vaishnav

Music: Daboo Malik

   ReViewed by  Akshay Shah


 Slasher thrillers/Murder Mysteries seem to be the new thing these days for Bollywood with a new one releasing every 2-3 weeks. KUCCH TO HAI, SSSSHH, 88 ANTOP HILL just to name a few and now comes WRONG NUMBER which is yet another movie about a masked killer who goes around killing people......

 The film begins with the introduction of four friends Mahi(Richa Pallod), her friend Aarti(Rinku Ghosh) whose a happy-go-lucky type,  Karan(Parvin Dabbas)-a bookworm whose in love with Mahi and finally Monty(Vrajesh Hirjee) who is the clown of the group.

 The group of 4 friends love making random prank calls to people and making a fool out of them....until one day they meet their match in Raj (Rakesh Bapat) who turns the tables on them...and also steals Mahis heart.

Love blossoms between Mahi and Raj and before anything can happen further Mahis father is is brutally murdered! By coincidence the murder gets videoed on a  laptop which happens to land in Aartis hands...she is also then brutally murdered.

All hell breaks loose now as the killer goes on a rampage and one by one the entire group of friends will be wiped out. Who is the manical killer? Whats his reasons behind the killings? The answer to these questions form the crux of the story!


WHAT STORY??? Is what iam thinking...the film is a suspense film in the lamest sense and straight from the pages of a B-Grade 80's horror film. The first half of the movie revolves around some pretty unfunny humour which makes the viewer cringe and some pretty cheesy romance which makes the viewer cringe yet again! The movie dwelves into way too many subplots which makes the viewer not care whats going to happen next. Its only when Mahis father gets murdered that the film picks up momentum and the film gets slightly interesting. The events that happen for the next half hour or so with the killer going on a rampage is well canned and some scenes are effectively written and canned. But yet again the climax is so insane and the reason behind the killings lacks any real depth that the viewer feels like they've been taken for a ride....a bad one at that! 

As a director Jignesh Vaishnav should've really done some research into the basic fundements of directing a slasher film. He fails to add any form of excitement in the first half of the movie and bores the viewer to no end. Mixing a love & comic story with a slasher flick isn't always successfully.....not every film is a GUPT. The results here are horrible. On the other hand Vaishnav shows some sparks that he is a capable director with the murder scenes. The murder scenes of Aarti, followed by Tinnu Anand and lastly Vrajesh Hirjees shows that he has a slight sense over the command of directing. One just wishes he had started and ended the movie on that tone. Vaishnav also reveals the identity of the killer to early leaving no room for suspense. A poor debut from Jignesh Vaishnav and a even worse screenplay by Sunjiv Puri.

 In terms of performances the film is also below average.

Rakesh Bapat hams in ill written role. His character is not defined very well at all and one fails to connect with his character. He tends to overact in the second half of the movie and gives performance thats not upto scratch. He also tends to look tired and messy throughout the movie.

 Richa Pallod also fails to leave a mark. She looks pretty on screen and is easy on the eye..but apart from that she doesn;t have much to do. Her dialogue delivery needs a lot of improving. Parvin Dabbas doesn't get much scope to perform in a pathetic role.

 Rinku Ghosh gives a good account of herself. She looks extremely sexy with a body to die for and acts with confidence. Her death scene infact is probably the best scene in the movie. Vrajesh Hirjee acts ably but he is capable of much more and one feels that he is wasted here.

 Yash Tonk fails in a serious role. He seems like he is not at ease and is much more suited to the lighter characters he played in KUCCH TO HAI and ISHK VISHK.

 Bejamin Gillani and Tinnu Anand alongwith the rest of the cast do their parts ably.  Technically the film is just OK.Indrajit Bansals camerawork fails to leave much of a mark and is ordinary.

 Daboo Maliks music is also just OK. The fact that there is a song every 20 minutes dilutes the impact of the whole movie and each and every song feels like a MAJOR drag. The film definetly could have done with a lot of editting.

 A film of this genre also needs a background score which will rattle the nerves of the viewer.....just listen to the background tracks of films like KHILADI, GUPT, RAAZ, and SSSSHH to name a few...Raju Raos background score is just ordinary.

 Dialogues in the movie are also cliched and below the mark.

 All up WRONG NUMBER is a movie that should be avoided! Even the most ardent fans of the genre will have a hard time sitting through this turgid nonsense.

3 outta 10  


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