Tera Mera Saath Rahein


Starring Ajay Devgan, Sonali Bendre, Dushyant Wagh, Namrata Shirodkar, Sivaji Sattam, Reema Lagoo, Prem Chopra 

Directed by Mahesh Manjrekar

Music by Aadesh Srivastan


Mahesh Manjrekar is a very strong director by all means. Ever since he broke into the scene with VAASTAV he became a name to reckon with. Surely he followed it up with ASTITVA and KURUKSETRA, and we know for sure that this man can deliver. 

However he is compared to Mahesh Bhatt for one major reason, that is taking on too many films at a go. Many still wonder how the man can give his best when he is working at 3-4 movies simultaneously. Well..it does show on most of the loose screenplay that his movie has. And then occasionally he might even have disasters like JIS DESH MEIN GANGA REHTA HAI

Anyhow TERA MERA SAATH RAHEIN is a touching tale about bonding and relationships, with a bit of inspiration from RAIN MAN. But the important thing is that this is the first time he is working with Ajay Devgan but he has got his fave ladies Sonali and Nam, and regulars like Sattam and Reema Lagoo casted too. 

But the real trump card seems to be young Dushyant Wagh casted as the kid struck with cerebral plasy. 


The story is essentially about relationships. 

And in the backdrop of a usual middle class housing society and all its residents, we have Raj Dikshit (Ajay Devgan), a middle class everyday guy who is extremely caring and protective of his mentally challenged 14 year old brother, Rahul (Dushyant Wagh). 

Their neighbors help the two brothers on their way, especially the Gupta household (sivaji Sattam & Reema Lagoo), and their daughter Suman (Namrata) who has the hearts for our man, Raj. However Raj steers away from romance and love. 

So even when he begins to get attracted to his boss’ niece Madhuri (Sonali Bendre), he still makes it straight that he is committed to his kid brother above everything. 

However there is sparks between both Madhuri and Raj which both however cannot accept. Raj suddenly finds himself changing his mind about marriage. However when Madhuri puts forward a suggestion of sending his young brother Raj to an institution for the retarted, Raj bursts out in anger.

But soon Raj finds himself torn in between the love for Madhuri and his younger brother. And it comes to a point where he has to choose between the two... 


This is one of the finer movies from the director Mahesh Manjrekar, a man working on numerous projects simultaneously.

Ajay Devgan impresses in a role that has some depth to it, unlike the usual Bollywood ones. Thank God that over the years Devgan has been taking on good roles.

But even more impressive is the performances that director Manjrekar has managed to extract from the supporting cast. Sonali Bendre has finally got  a role of some substance after a very long time which she pulls off with ease, while Namrata does not have much to do. But then Reema Lagoo and Sayaji Sattam - two Manjrekar regulars are top grade.

The music however is something that Manjrekar can work on anyday. Like most of his earlier movies, the music here is also a drawback. Not only is the music score by Aadesh Srivastav weak, the songs are a bit too many and only spoils the pace of the movie.

For most of the movie, the screenplay and the script comes out strong and a decent pace is maintained at most times. Even in the initial half, when the story does not move much, the screenplay makes up for it.

Yet, at the end of it all, one will also find that a necessary punch is missing. 


TERA MERA SAATH RAHEIN is no blockbuster material, nor is it one of those award sweeping ones. But it is one of the more decent movies from Bollywood and Manjrekar, and is definitely worth a watch!!!




POSITIVE: 5     MIXED: 3       NEGATIVE: 2

Tera Mera Saath Rahen is well executed and edited except for a couple of unnecessary songs which could have been easily deleted. In a nutshell, this is one film after a long time that you wouldn't want to miss

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Mahesh Manjrekar’s intentions of tackling a sensitive theme in TERA MERA SAATH RAHEN needs to be lauded, but the effort lacks the punch associated with his earlier films. 

TERA MERA SAATH RAHEN falters in the most important aspect – scripting. As a result, what could've been a thought-provoking film on a novel theme turns out to be a bland commercial fare

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Mahesh Manjrekar has handled the issue in his inimitable style. 
There's no velvety stuff here. Relationships in the film are coated with harsh reality. Master Dushyant Wagh has given quite a commendable performance as a 'retarded and handicapped child.

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Hats off to director Mahesh Manjrekar, for stepping out of the routine once again and coming out a winner. Tera Mera Saath Rahen is a must watch for people with a stomach for genuine human emotion 

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For one, by no stretch of the imagination is TMSR blockbuster material. TMSR seems to move in fits and starts, frequently letting the audience off the hook.
But all said and done, TMSR does have the looks of a nice, old-fashioned tearjerker. 

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Tera Mera Saath Rahein is emotionally manipulative in places and finally, the complexities of life are reduced to a happy end. It's also too thickly sugared and slow and old-fashioned at times. 
Still, I liked the premise: Nobody's perfect -- but people have a heart. It's feel good and suffused me with Diwali warmth

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All in all, a film which is slow and monotonous in the first half wins over a few hearts in the second. 
Take a bow, Mr Manjrekar.

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The one assurance we can offer however is that the movie is well worth the effort of heading out and paying a fortune for ticket stubs. Tera Mera Saath Rahen, while not an award winning bonanza of everything a movie should be, is definitely an attempt to be acknowledged. The script of the film leaves little to desire, with the story moving at a good pace throughout.

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For viewing purposes this Diwali, Tera Mera Saath Rahen is the pick of the lot. This humane drama has all it takes to make you laugh, cry, and come out feeling happy with a moral and learning experience involved. In reality, that is all we want. 
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Tera Mera Saath Rahen disappoints more then anything else. One has grown to expect a lot more from director Mahesh Manjrekar. This film hardly ever rises above the ordinary and the banal. It really has nothing new to say. 

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