suspense thriller

Starring Sushmita Sen, Sushant Singh, Dinesh Lama, Tushar Dalvi and Rajesh Khera

Direction : Robby Grewal 

Music: Sandeep Chowtha

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ReViewed by  Akshay Shah


Keeping in trend with recent low budget thriller flicks come yet another lowbudget thriller. While some films have hit the mark and left a impact others have failed terribly and were bad in quality. SAMAY is a serial killer thriller which falls in the same rank as Hollywood films like SEVEN, COPYCAT, THE WATCHER etc and this is a introduction to a new genre in Bollywood.Despite some plot defiencies SAMAY emerges to be a well made thriller backed a "sen"sational performance by Sushmita Sen!


The A.C.P Malvika Chauhan (Sushmita Sen)-the best in her field and a die hard dedicated cop.She gets embroiled in a investigation when a rich industrialist gets murdered. The murderer leaves no clues at all but the murder is planned with utmost conviction and precision.

Alongwith her partner Satya (Sushant Singh) they get to the bottom of the mystery but just when they think they have cracked the case another murder occurs..this time of a leading National Award winning actress followed by another-that of a top hitman. This forces Chauhan to think and very soon the clues lead her to believe that this is a work of a genius and all three murders are linked in some way and are all committed by one man.

 How Chauhan tracks down the serial killer before he commits his next murder which could be Chauhan herself forms the crux of the movie.

 In terms of a story Robby Grewal has included all the necessary ingredients needed in a film of this genre. The manner in which the investigations proceed and the way which the clues are picked up are brilliantly executed. Its only in the climax that Grewal falters. After such a brilliant story and film for the most the film falls flat in the last few reels when the motive of the killer is revealed. The reason for the killings leaves the viewers confused and disappointed. The climax should have left the viewer totally surprised and left a huge impact but it fails to do so.

 As a director Robby Grewal seems to be inspired a lot by Hollywood which is not necessary a bad thing. He directs the film on one track which doesn't leave any room for any unnecessary comedy tracks or romantic angles and the movie moves at a breakneck pace always leaving the viewer hooked. One must give credit to Grewal for attempting something different in Bollywood and going against formula. He succeeds for the most but one just wishes that his climax/finale was much stronger in terms of story and execution in which case SAMAY would have been a trendsetter.

Where Grewal succeeds apart from directing the film at a breakneck pace is the performance he extracts from his leading lady Sushmita Sen! 

Sushmita Sen is the backbone of the movie and holds the film together in a authorbacked role. Right from the first to the last frame she is present and manages to leave a impact on the viewer. She looks the part she plays and easily manages to slip into the role of a intelligent and gutso officer. The role is a challenging one and she does completel justice to her part. Be it as a caring solo mom or the punchy officer Sen is remarkable and she is a definite shoe-in for a BEST ACTRESS award this year!

 From the supporting cast Sushant Singh gives a good account of himself. He is a dependable actor who rarely disapoints in supporting stints.  Prashant Dalvi and Rajesh Khera also give strong support and Jackie Shroff manages to leave a huge impact in a 5 minute role.

 Technically the film is ace.The visuals of the movie are absolutely brilliant and full credit must be given to camerman Mohanan. Some of the visuals reminds one of RGVs SATYA!

 In terms of music Sandeep Chowtas music is good. The dancer numer LAAILA is completely un-needed and is out completely out of sync with the movie. The other number is played in the background and falls in with the movies story.

The background score by Chowta is BRILLIANT as always.

 All up SAMAY-WHEN TIME STRIKES is a movie which does have its fair share of flaws, but it is nevertheless a brilliant attempt at trying something new and innovative although it doesn't always succeed. The film is worth a watch once for Sushmita Sens tour-de-force performance alone


7.5 outta 10


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