gangster action

Starring  Sharad Kapoor, Payal Rohatgi,Hyder Kazmi,  Millind Gunaji, Sadhu Meher, Govind Namdeo, Nirmal Pandey, Rakhee Sawant, Mukesh Tiwari and Anil Nagrath

Direction : Shivram Yadav

Music: Nikhil Vinay

 ReViewed by  Akshay Shah


Gangster films is a genre that has been done to death after the release of SATYA which sparked a chain of films. Bollywood was introduced with some classic gems like Mahesh Manjrekars VAASTAV-The Reality and Ram Gopal Varmas COMPANY to some stinkers like FOOTPATH and SUPARI which failed to live upto expectations. PATTH was a film which had no star value and was said to be a realistic and stark look at the underworld...sadly its a cliched and dull look at the underworld done to death by Bollywod time and time again and offers nothing new.

This road has no U-Turn...Only dead end! Mumbai the hub of the underworld, is a world that thrives on terror. It is a world of betrayl! No don can run his empire without the force of shooters and hitmen....

 PATTH tells the story of three disgruntled youths sick of the bullying by the local dons around them....the three soon decide to pick up the gun themselves and in the process rip apart the very foundations of the underworld...

 The storyline of PATTH is very similar to Mazhar Khans cult classic GANG although the treatment is very similar to a 80's flick.

As a director Shivram Yadav has manage to capture the essence of the Mumbai underworld with authenticity and manages to add a certain amount of realism. The characters he portrays onscreen are very much real and no glamour has been added to them. Their crude behavious....the violence that surrounds their lives has all been done extremely well. Sadly Yadavs biggest fall  is originality as the film proceeds like every other gangster film. No technical flair, no performances that blow the viewer away, and no new twists in a oft  repeated tale make the film below the mark.

 In terms of performance Sharad Kapor makes a honest attempt at a role which was perfected by Sanjay Dutt in films like VAASTAV, KABZAA, NAAM and HATHYAR! He has screen presence but needs to work on his dialogue delivery.

 Sadhu Meher and Hyder Kazmi as the 2 buddies lend adequate support. They fail to leave a mark and fail to build a bond with the viewer hence their performance lack the desired impact.

 On the other hand the rest of the supporting cast are ace.

 Govind Namdeo plays his Underworld Don act to perfection. He has perfected these sorts of roles in the past and here he gives a commendable account of himself although he was much better in MARKET with exactly the same role.

 Millind Gunaji is menacing in his role and he leaves a mark. He has the right look required for his role and I wish directors would sign him for more films as a baddie. Just witness his performances in FAREB and VIRASAT.

 Ditto for Nirmal Panday who lives the role of the dreaded Bhullar. The scenes involving him provide the grittiest and hard hitting scenes in the movie. His death scene is also well canned.

 Mukesh Tiwari is average in a role that doesn't require much at all. His role is similar to that played by Paresh Rawal in SATYA and Mohanlal in COMPANY. It is good to see that he can play a positive role with the same amount of confidence as he does negative.

 The female cast don't have much to do at all. Payal Rohatgi is a poor version of Namrata Shriodkor in VAASTAV. Rakhee Sawant doesnt have much to do at all. The rest of the cast are below the mark.

 Technically the musically the film is below the belt.

 All up PATTH is a film that is worth a miss. Even the most ardent fans of the genre will have a difficult time sitting through the movie because of its lack of unoriginality. The film manages to capture and mood and ambience of the Mumbai Underbelly...but fails in every other department. And it is possible to make a watchable low budget Gangster flick..just watch AVGAT!


4 outta 10  


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