romance/action drama

Starring  John Abraham, Udita Goswami, Dr Mohan Agashe, Denzel Smith, Sandeep Mehta and Master Madan Bhikhu

Direction : Pooja Bhatt

Music : Anu Malik, Shahi and Ali Azmat

ReViewed by  Akshay Shah


Pooja Bhatt-the prolific producer of meaningful films such as TAMANNA, ZAKHM, DUSHMAN and JISM now takes her bow as a director with PAAP! While the film had all the makings of a brilliant movie PAAP somewhere falls short somewhere along the line!

 The film revolves around Rimpoche (Denzel Smith)- the religious head of a quiet monastery in Spiti, Himanchal Pradesh gets a vision about his masters reincarnation in Delhi as a 6 yearold boy, he sends a girl from the town-Kaaya(Udita Goswami) to travel to Delhi and bring the 6 year old Llahmo (Madan Bhikhu) back to the monastery.

 Kaaya has been bought up in a strict and disciplined manner by her father(Dr Mohan Aghashe) who has kept her away from all contact from the outside world, but Kaayas heart wanders into territories that is common for a girl her age.

 In Delhi Llahmo witnesses the murder of a police officer and becomes a key witness. Investigating the case is a honest police officer Shiven (John Abraham). Althought Kaaya and Shiven share completely different views on life and philosphy Kaaya finds herself slowly and strangely drawn to him...

 The murder case deepens and there is no way out for Shiven except  for him to take Kaaya and Llahmo to their own safe surroundings. He gets shot in the process but still manages to get them safely to Spiti. Due to the seriousness of his injury he ends up staying in Spiti until he is fully recovered.

 During his stay he evokes many many supressed feelings and emotions in Kaaya and also evokes a strong conflict with her father who has already chosen a set path for her away from the outside world.

 The danger from the city eventually reaches the quiet terrains of Spiti and what ensues is a battle of wits between Shiven and the corrupt officers. Now Kaaya has to make up her mind whether she will follow her heart and lead a life of happiness or sacrifice her love for and follow a path of sacrifice and discipline....Kaayas decision forms the crux of the climax!


Writer Mahesh Bhatt has once again adatped a Hollywood flick and turned it into a desi product. This time round its Peter Weirs classic WITNESS! Bhatt has written two separate stories which merge into one....on one hand is Kaayas struggle within herself and her father to what path she must choose and on the other hand is the story of Shiven and the corrupt police officers. The story is well written although it is cliched at times.

 The screenplay by Bhatt flows smoothly for the most although one feels that Bhatt felt confused at times whether he should concentrate on the love story or the action story and fails to give equal care to both.

 As a director I found Pooja Bhatt to be a disappointment. I found all of her production ventures earlier to be of a higher calibre than PAAP. Although she has taken a story and theme which is devoid of any gimmicks and focusses only on the wishes she had taken a less cliched story. The whole backdrop of the monastery seems like a filler at times as enough focus isnt given to it and the love story has its moments but isn't much different from the usual Bhatt love stories. The action packed parts of the film are well canned and keep the viewer at the egde of their seat but the climmax is a big letdown. Be it the senior officer breaking down or Kaaya running after Shiven as he drives off....CLICHED and totally predictable stuff here!

To Poojas credit she has managed to direct a handful of scenes with excellence and shows the mark of a great director in the making with the right script. These include the initial murder sequence and the showdown between John Abraham and Mohan Aghashe

 What elevates the movie to a huge extent are the dialogue by Niranjan Iyengar which add life to the movie and are moving, touching and get the viewer thinking. The dialogues are soaked in emotions and are ones that really grab the viewers attention.

 In terms of performances the film is a mixed bag

 John Abraham once again comes up with a brilliant account of himelf and proves that he can fit into any roles with effortless it a drunkard lawyer whose hopelessley in love(JISM), a doctor mourning the death of his wife(SAAYA), a psychotic and obsessive boyfriend(AETBAAR) and now a honest upright police officer in PAAP!. He is a natural actor and definetly one whose here to STAY for the longrun.

 Udita Goswami on the other hand makes a poor debut. Her looks didn't appeal to me at all although she has got a extremely hot body. She needs to improve her emotional and crying scenes as heavy breathing doesn't make up for good acting. Her unconventional oriental looks also didn't appeal to me at all and i doubt she will be here for the longrun unless she polishes up her act...

 From the supporting cast Dr Mohan Aghashe does his part well although he needs to quieten down his voice at times since he shouts too much.  Denzel Smith is a natural in his part. Master Madan Bhikhu is brilliant for a child performer and gives a compelling performance and leaves his mark as a natural actor.  Sandeep Mehta makes a excellent villan and this man is definetly very talented. Gulshan Grover repeats his bad man act again...nothing new from him.

 Technically the film is a gem. 

Cinematography by Anshuman Mahaley is simply STUNNING! Words cannot describe how Mahaley captures the beautiful scenic locales of Himanchal Pradesh on camera and they are seen to be believed! Editing by Ali Akiv is tight for the most.

 In terms of music the film is also ace and gels well with the films nature. INTEZAAR by Anu Malik is stirring and is well placed as the introductory number but the best of the lot of LAGAN LAGI by Shahi! Rahet Fateh Ali Khans singing is mesmerising and i hope we get to hear more of him!!! Rest of the tunes are apt.

 All up PAAP comes as a huge disapointment since i was expecting a lot more from a outspoken actress like Pooja Bhatt but sadly she comes up with a run-and-mill affair only to be salvgaed by some individual scenes. Nevertheless Pooja Bhatt shows that with the right subject she will come up...and PAAP is worth a dekkho for yet another great performance by John Abraham......the mindboggling locales of Spiti & the LAGAN LAGI number!

7.2 outta 10


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