Love Story 

Starring  Karan Nath. Aarti Aggarwal, Dr. Vilas, Farhan Khan, Bharat Dabolkar

music by Raju Singh 

Directed by Joy Augustine



Joy Augustine, the director of Tere Mere Sapne, shows once again that he has the ability to handle good subjects in the right way. And he once again proves that he has the magic to get the best performances from any newcomer. He gave us the talents of Chandrachur Singh, Arshad Warsi, Priya Gill and Simran with his debut movie, and now with Paagalpan ,we have newcomers Karan Nath and Aarthi Aggarwal coming up with admirable performances.

Roma (Aarthi) is the darling of her five brothers, together forming the Pinto family living happily in a usual Goan setting. And the love story develops with Sameer Malhotra (Karan Nath) falling in love with Roma instantly at first sight. Now Sameer is the son of a business tycoon (Talat Rekhi).

Sameer tries to woo Roma, and Roma eventually falls for his charms, but the real challenge for Sameer are Roma's brothers. And slowly, one by one, he wins the hearts of each one of the five brothers.

But things go wrong when the rich businessman Malhotra orders a ship to be sunk, causing many people from the village to die. Jack, Roma's brother learns of this and then conflicts emerge between the two lover's family.

And when Jack ends up dead in the police custody, the Pinto brothers wage war against Malhotra and our two young lovers Sameer and Roma are seperated.

While the first half isn't anything impressive to write home about, it is the second half where the movie comes strongly into its own, and where Joy Augustine comes up with good scenes and better control. As the scenes progress, the intensity increases in the required quantities.

 Raju Singh's music score is nice, but not the kind of chartbusting score to stand on its own in competition to the other big scores in the charts right now!

The pinto brothers - Dr. Vilas, Bharat Dabolkar, Joy Fernades, Howard Rosemeyer and Farhan Khan have all given decent performances. But when their scenes in the first half were a bit too loud, later they all get enough scope to impress!

But both the newcomers Karan Nath as well as Aarti have come up with good performances for a debut role.

One never expected Karan Nath to be so refined an actor. But trust me, this lad is indeed impressive. A man to watch out for!

However the screenplay and the script does disappoint you a lot. And while the movie is supposedly aimed at the youngsters, the strength of this movie are some of its heavy emotional and drama scenes in the second half, something that is not what the youngsters are keen about. 

So you won't have much crowd going in for the movie sadly thanks to the presence of non stars, and the fact that it is in direct competition with some big banner movies indeed.

However it is a decent attempt, and is on par with most of the other releases in town. But the beauty of it is that achieves the same results as those expensive star studded movies does. 


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