Out of Control


Starring Ritesh Deshmukh, Hrishita Bhatt,  Brande Roderick, Amrish Puri, Satish Kaushik, Satish Shah, Hemani Shivpuri

  Director: Ramanjit Juneja and Apurva Asrani  

Producer: Vashu Bhagnani

Music: Anand Raaj Anand

ReViewed by  Akshay Shah


Vashu Bhagnani is back with yet another slick and glossy entertainer after he managed to give dud after dud with his last few releases(JEENA SIRRF MERE LIYYE, DEEWANAPAN, TERA JAADOO CHAL GAYA)..... this time round the selling point of his movie is HOT Hollywod actress Brande Roderick who is best known for her bikini clad stint in BAYWATCH...she features in a full fledged role opposite Ritesh Deshmukh who returns to the screen after a successful debut in TUJHE MERI does the film manage to entertain? YES! But its not 100% UNORIGNAL!

In terms of a story the film revolves around  Jimmy aka Jaswinder Bedi (Ritesh Deshmukh) who is trying to make ends meet in America by doing oddjobs and also driving a taxi in the night. His immigrant status is in danger soon as his work permit is about to expire. His best friend mango (Satish Kaushik) tries extremely hard to find Jimmy a sponsor but fails. 

Now enters Sally (Brande Roderick) who is a aspiring singer. Jimmy and Sally meet by chance and Sally completely falls in love with Jimmy. She takes a ardent interest in Bollywood films and music and also knows how to speak a bit of Hindi. She is ready to solve his immigration problem by marrying him and Jimmy agrees.

The 2 immediately get married and things couldnt be better for Jimmy....until...

 Jimmys father Jatta Singh Bedi (Amrish Puri) calls him back to India with a false message that he has had a heart attack. Jimmy immediately leave to India only to find that he is being forced into getting married.

His father will not listen to him at all and Jimmy ends up marrying again..this time to a gorgeous village belle Richa (Hrishta Bhatt) 

He leaves for America again the very next day promising his dad that he will call his wife to America in the next couple of days.....but he never does..

 Infuriated by his sons behavious Jatta now head to America alongwith his daughter-in-law to find his son and teach him a lesson.....Jimmy now has to lead two with his American wife Sally and the other with his desi wife Richa...a dream cone true for most but for Jaswinder Singh Bedi aka Jimmy this is a nightmare as his life slowly goes OUT OF CONTROL!

 Rakesh Bakshis story is one that has been witnessed a 100 times before on the in Bollywood. The idea of a man juggling two wives in comedy genre has been attempted before successfully..both times by director David Dhawan with SAAJAN CHALE SASURAL(Govinda, Taboo, Karishma Kapoor) and again with GHARWALI BAHARWALI(Anil Kapoor, Rambha and Taboo). The only difference here is that one of the wives is a american blonde while the other is a village belle...the concept and the gags which ensure are identical.

 What could have salvaged the film from being utterly unorignal is the screenplay by Bakshi, but sadly even that falls flat. Most of the events in the movie are predictable and the film has not even a hint of originality.

 The film is creditted to have two director but Ramanjit Juneja made his exit from the movie after a fight with  Vashi Bhagnani even before one scene of the movie was shot. The film is directed by debutant Apurva Asrani who makes a good debut. As a director he has assisted RGV in previous film and Asrani shows that he has a clear grasp of the medium. He manages to retain the viewers interest for the most and keeps the viewer hooked. The film is paced fast anf furiously with something always happening on screen. The friendship and then the romance between Sally and Ritesh has been well canned, the friendship between Ritesh and Satish is also humourous and keeps the viewers intrerest alive.

Its in the second half that the film falls flat. The gags that ensue when Ritesh has to juggle two wives prove to be boring. At the film only gets worst!?! From the point where the two wives find out whats going on right to the court case and the absolutely PATHETIC ending OUT OF CONTROL gets completely OUT OF CONTROL in terms of story, screenplay and direction!!!

The loopholes are just too wonders how Brande and Hrishta can both forgive Ritesh so easily? And the ending of the movie is out of sync considering that Brande was about to get him sued a second ago? Also why does Ritesh fall for Hrishta all of a sudden and doesn't give a damn about Brande who he clearly cared about so much? Was he that shallow and the whole thing with Brande was a act? HARD TO DIGEST!

 In terms of performances the film is good. Ritesh Deshmukh gives a commednable performance for his second film. He oozes confidence in every frame and his dialogue delivery is superb. There is consistency in his performance throughout and he manages to capture the viewers interest. What he does need to work on is maybe a new hairstyle? 

The real star of the enterprise is no doubt Brande Roderick! On seeing the promos i was certain she was there just for the skin appeal and will be asked to act like a bimbo. But i was horribly wrong. She is actually a pretty decent actress and manages to give a highly commendable performance. Her scenes are natural and the scenes where she attempts to speak hindi come across as authentic keeping in mind her passion for Bollywood. Her romance with Ritesh is also natural and Brande comes up with a fresh and seasoned performance...the film is worth a watch for her. Not to mention she will have the male crowds totally mesmerised with her alluring looks, sizzling body and sexy sways..

 Hrishita Bhatt is good in a small role. This role is capable of much more as seen with ASOKA and HAASIL, but here she doesn't leave much of a mark with a small role and performs her role with utmost ease. Her characterisation is not that good which is why the impact of her role is diluted.

 From the supporting cast Satish Kaushik comes up with flying colours as Mango. He manages to raise a laugh everytime hes onscreen with a smashingly hilarious performance. He is no doubt one of the best comedians we have and his comic timing is just emmaculate.  Amrish Puri in the role of Jatta Singh Bedi also does well. He has played a role of this nature before and does so again here with flourish. He is required to be very loud and Puri does that just fine. Satish Shah as a gay character Flower aka Phoolchand is irritating and doesn't manage to raise any laughs. All jokes with Shah are in poor humour and flal flat!

 Technically Apurva Asrani seems like a whiz-kid.  The execution of most scenes is stylised and the film has a international look throghout. Neelabh Kauls cinematography is striking and on par with Hollywood films. The locales of U.S.A has been well aptured on celluoid.

 The dialogues are witty for the most, specially those delivered by Satish Shah, Amrish Puri and Ritesh Deshmukh.

 Anand Raaj Anands music is strictly OK. The USA Vish L.A track has been excellently picturised and TERA CHAND SA YEH CHEHRA is also ear pleasing although it props up at the wrong time.

 All up OUT OF CONTROL is a good entertainer although is lacks originality. It hadnt been for the absurd climax which is totally out of place and brings the film down the film would have been a consistent entertainer.


6.5 outta 10


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