O M - the ultimate power


Starring Attin Bhalla, Sandali Sinha, Rakhi Sawant, Pankaj Dheer, Smita Jaykar, Sharat Saxena, Deepak Shirke, Shiva, Brij Gopal, and Mukesh Rishi

Banner: Ashok Honda Productions

Producer and Director: Ashok Honda  

Dialogues: Naeem-Ejaz   Action:Bhiku Verma

Music: Amar Mohile

ReViewed by  Akshay Shah


Ashok Honda who is known for his run-of-the-mill commercial potboilers with Suniel Shetty returns with yet another action packed film. Sadly the film is over cliched and clearly lacks the punch delivered by Suneil Shetty.

 Hondas story is as old as the hills and reminds one of Shetty and Deol actioners released in the 90's. 

 The film revolves around  a poor yet honest college going boy-Om(Attin) and a rich and wealthy girl-Sandali (Sandali)... are both in love with each other and want to get married. Sandalias father Dhariwal (Pankaj Dheer) has his eyes on Sandalis property and inheritance which she recieved after Dhariwal killed her mom. To top it off..Dhariwal has married a lady Salina(Rakhi Sawant) who is the same age as Sandali.

 Dhariwal meets Om and tells him he would let Om marry his daughter only if he passes on his share of wealth on Dhariwal. Oms principles don't allow him to do that and he blatantly refuses.

Dhariwal alongwith Salina, Salinas boyfriend(some goofy looking dude) and a evil inspector (Sharat Saxena) hatch a plan to separate the lovers and make Sandali hate Om forever.

 Oms younger sister is arrested for prostitution and latter killed in jail. The death of Oms sister sets him in a warpath of sorts where he swears to bring the evil-doers to the book. How Om exacts his revenge and happily reunites with Sandali forms the crux of the movie.

 Right from the first frame Hondas film oozes B-gradeness. As a director Honda has taken a stepdown in terms of direction.

His earlier effort ANTH portrayed a frustrated youth who fights against corruption despite all odds. Ditto for his latter flick RAKSHAK to an smaller extent. Honda with Shetty was able to portray a hero on screen who the common man could identify with. Here he has made the film for the heck of making money and rehased his earlier two films.

No scenes in the movie are original at all and the entire flick has a SEEN THAT feeling to it. All characters are one dimensional and dont strike a chord with the viewer. Even the track of Oms sister being framed for prostitution seems a bit far fetched with too many plotholes. But where Honda lacks in direction he makes up for in editing. The film maintains a slick and crisp pace throughout and moves full throttle for the most!! Right from the first frame one can tell this is a old fashioned "hero versus baddies beat-em-up"!  Thanks to the fast pacing and slick editing the film has hardly any dull moments as it hardly lets the viewer think about whats going on. One only wishes that Honda had gone for a better story and given the film a fresh treatment.

 Performances in the entire movie are average. Debutant Attin needs to do a lot of improving before he signs a movie again. Although he excels in the action sequences, his dialogue delivery is UTTERLY SHOCKING. His emotional scenes don't strike a chord with the viewer and at BEST he is a poor mans Suniel Shetty. It is evident that director Ashok Honda has made Attin act like Suniel Shetty and the character of Om even is a exact replica of Shetty in BALWAAN and ANTH.

 Sandali looks pretty on screen yet one is surprised to see her in such a regular fare. She showed a lot of promise in Anubhav Sinhas TUM BIN and i thought she would be a lot more choosy than this when picking her next release.The film gives her no scope to display her talent and she does her few scenes OK.

 Rakhi Sawant as the evil stepmom on the other hand gives a good account of herself. The lady oozes sex appeal all the way and has a body to drool over...and she isn't scared to flash it;)!!!! Her ample bust and curvaceous body will keep the males happy. She also mamages to portray her character effectively. 

Pankaj Dheer on the other hand looks jaded and gives a boring account ofhimself. His pairing with Rakhi is not convincing at all.

 On the othet hand Sharat Saxena and Mukesh Rishi both rise above the script and are pretty good. Both have played these roles a billion times before, hence they manage to make their performances watchable.

 Smita Jaykar is good with what scope she is given.

 Deepak Shirke, Shiva, and dude that plays Rakhi Sawants boyfriend are all below average. 

Bhikhu Vermas action is made for the frontbenchers!! It is not like the hi-tech pyrotechnics and technical bonanzas of QAYAMAT and THE is the more straight forward blood&gut, fist&punch type which is bound to be loved by the B and C class centres. Scenes like Oms entrance, Om getting set alight and still fighting, Om cutting a guys hand off, Om chasing a baddie down the railway tracks with a sword, Oms fight with Sharat Saxena or the climax have all been well canned and being a action film the flick won't disapoint fans of the genre who want a couple of hours of pounding action!

Dialogues by Naeem-Ejaz are OK. They aren't as hard hitting as they could have been

 Music by Amar Mohile is poor. The songs appear in the most inane places and interfere with the films pacing. Also the flick lacks a MASS APPEAL NUMBER like SHAHAR KI LADKI in RAKSHAK.

 All up OM is a action film which is about as old as A.K Hangal and has been witnessed a kazillion times before....yet will still hold appeal for fans of the genre.


4.5 outta 10


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