Nayee Padosan


Starring Anuj Sawhney, Rahul Bhatt, Mahek Chahal, Vikaas Kalantri, Aslam Khan

Directed by B H Tharunkumar

Music Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy


Nayee Padosan was expected to be a laugh riot. But even expectations are sometimes a hard thing to keep. And watching the film I begin to wonder, why did someone like Nitin Manmohan have to throw his money into this project? 

Neha Arts' Nayee Padosan is basically about a new gal who moves into the neighbourhood  and how she instantly invites the attention of three young guys. 
Raju (Anuj Sawhney), Raja (Aslam Khan) and Ram (Vikas Kalantri) are all on a mission - to win the heart of the girl (Mahek Chahal). And to do that they get themselves close to various family members.And as the three plays a one-up game among themselves, in walks Prabhu (rahul Bhatt) who seems to be a much more eligible guy in every sense for Maek, and to make matters worse, a gem in the eyes of the parents.

Though we have a good premise laid down and was bound to raise laughter all around,the narration have a lot more to be desired. None of the scenes really rise to high level of humour and the major flaw seems to be the selection of actors and characters. None of the three actors fail to impress in their respective roles. Aslam Khan was way too loud a performance to an awfully written character.

Even the so called USP of this film - Mahek Chahal playing the title role hardly impresses. The only decent acting comes from Rahul Bhatt but with that thick tamilian accent, all the pluses from his display is also stripped off. 

In short this is one newcomer movie from which I would not suggest anyone to hit the mark in this industry in a big way. They all seem too raw to be out there. Either that or the director just had no clue how to extract some fine performances from his cast.

Nayee Padosan is more like the house of cards. You slowly and surely build up a house of sorts only to watch them all tumble down eventually. Nayee Padosan also runs out of any more paths, and ends on a very jerky climax scene full of cliche.

Adding to all the woes of the makers should be the music from Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Definitely none of the songs stand out strong, when the film had enough scope to have some great soundtrack. Even if you make the mistake of comparing this 'padosan' to that of Mehmood's classic comedy, never ever make the mistake of comparing R.D soundtrack to this. SEL's score is nowehre close.

Except for a few genuine laughs here or there, the film fails to keep you laughing as it should. Had the lead three been more convincing and striking in their performances, things would have taken a differerent route alltogether. But for the timing, this film isnt going to do any big wonders for your laughing bone.


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