Maryadda Purushottam


Starring Amitabh Bhachan, Jackie Shroff 

Probable Hrithik Roshan

music by Rajesh Roshan          Directed by Sanjay Khan


Sanjay Khan has already made waves when he announced that he shall be attempting to make a Bollywood version of Ramayan and it really is in the news thanks to the big starcast being planned to be roped in for the movie.

First of all, among the one who has been signed already, it includes Amitabh Bachchan in the role of Dashrath and Jackie Shroff as the dreaded Ravan.

But the real big casting shall be that of Ram. And as of now it looks like it shall be none other than Sajay Khan's son-in-law Hrithik Roshan who shall be playing the lead role of Ram while Sanjay Khan's son shall make his debut in the role of Laxman.

The making of this movie shall start around November of 2001 and is being planned to finish within six months.

Sanjay Khan's production house NUMERO UNO PRODUCTIONS which already tried its hands by bringing big serials on TV like Sword of Tipu Sultan and Jai Hanuman.

And certainly with the movie being made on such a lavish scale, chances are it shall be dubbed into various other languages too. And talks are also on with Pinewood Studios, the guys behind the visual effects of several Hollywood blockbusters, most notably the Oscar winning GLADIATOR.

The sets meanwhile shall be made by none other than Sabu Cyril while the music shall also stay in the house, with Rajesh Roshan.

Well, religion is certainly something that drive the masses of the country but the movie format has somehow still failed to click in a big way. So it would be interesting to see how Maryadda Purushottam shall fare, with all the big stars and special effects.

Keep watching this space for more news on this one!