Starring Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt, Jackie Shroff, Preity Zinta
Directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Music by Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy

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To begin it all, the producer and distributors of this movie will sigh a great relief because a bumper opening is guaranteed thanks to the latest craze Hrithik Roshan being in the middle of the proceedings. Tickets are bound to be booked way ahead in advance, and even a MOHABBATEIN might find it difficult to stop this one.Atleast not in its initial weeks.

 But besides the Hrithik factor, it is also one of Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s highly anticipated movie. The wizard who gave us Parinda certainly needs to re-establish himself and erase the bad memories of his earlier two movies, 1942: A Love Story and KAREEB. Frankly, one can expect the disappointing performance of the earlier movies shall all the more inspire Vinod Chopra to leave no stones unturned for Mission Kashmir.  

 The story kicks off with the happy family, a family made up of Inayat Khan (sunjay Dutt) and his wife (Sonali Kulkarni) and his adopted son Altaaf. Altaaf, actually lost his parents during the war. He still is recovering from the shocking past where he saw his parents and little sister being shot dead by a masked man right in front of his very own eyes.

 But all the bliss is drained out of his life, when one eventful day he realises that the man who killed his family was none other that his foster father, Inayat! This makes a helpless Altaaf go insane with rage and flees from his house swearing by vengeance.

 Years later, a militant group hed by Hilal Kohistani (Jackie Shroff) comes out with a top secret mission which is supposed ‘ to bring justice to the subcontinent’. And Hilal banks on one of his most loyal and eloquent of militants to do the job, none other than Altaaf.  

 Thus Altaaf arrives back from where he started it all. He even meets his childhood love, Preity Zinta who plays a TV reporter. But not even her love can diminish the fire burning within Altaaf, the fire of revenge. Altaaf’s job is driven with the sole aim of his life- to bring Inayat Khan to ashes.

 And thus in the beautiful valleys of Kashmir, we shall be witness to a dreadful batlle between these two men. And also the militants mission comes into the hands of these two men.

Both vow to battle it out right till the very end of it.

However the biggest flaw of the movie is that it focuses more on the battle between the so-called 'abba' and his adopted son.

Mission Kashmir seems to have forgotten the problems of the Kashmiris struggling in that paradise. Therefore Vidhu Vinod fails in getting the desired effect from the viewers. The movie just hangs in there in the first half and only manages to come out strong in the second half.

However Mission Kashmir's trump card are the cast. While the actresses Preity Zinta and Sonali Kulkarni does a decent job of characters that aren't exactly well drawn out, it is the male stars that have to be watched out for. Jackie Shroff looks stunningly and refereshingly great but his role isn't developed the way it should have been and what could have been a great role has been wasted. Sanjay Dutt comes out with a powerful performance and easily one of the best in his careers. Never before would you have seen Sanjay acting with the sensitiveness to the character like the one you see here.

Hrithik Roshan yet does the stuff he is expected to. His lone presence is enough to send the audience crazy and his body language and expressions are enough to win the acceptance of any hardcore critic.

But for once, someone else in the form of Sanjay Dutt shall be stealing the show from Krithik's very own hands.

The camerawork and picturization of Mission Kashmir is exceptionally outstanding especially in the scenes towards the end, which re infact the highlight of this movie. Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy also have come out with songs that manage to go well down with the movie, and they just about fit here and there in hte script without straining the script. The good part of this bunch of musicians, like the new crop of Rahman, Sandeep Chowtha and Ranjit Barot, is that they know how important the background score is to enhance the moviegoer's experience.

The editing is quite good and the action sequences does stand out. Though heavily inspired by some of the blockbuster Hollywood flicks, they still stand tall.

Well, Mission Kashmir is a movie that has certainly all the ingredients of a blockbuster, be it starcast, music, technical edge, except for the most important of them all- a hardhitting script and screenplay.


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