Love You Hamesha


Starring Akshaye Khanna, Sonali Bendre, Riya Sen, Amitabh Nanda

Directed by Kailash Surendranath

Music by A.R.Rahman


Strange is to see how movies turn up at the end. When this movie, LOVE YOU HAMESHA was launched, it was certainly one of the hottest projects and the fact that A.R.Rahman shall be the music director made it even grand.

But Rahman too just dubs the songs from one of his early works - MAY MAADHAM and even that fails to impress as the lyrics rarely enhance the Rahman music.

And if that is the only thing that has gone wrong, then the fact that the movie has been in the making for the last few years is not going to help this movie in any way. 

The reputed ad maker Kailash Surendranath makes his delayed debut with this movie, and it also features newcomers Amitabh Nanda and Riya Sen.

Akshaye Khanna plays Shaurat, a young introverted rebellious mechanic. Set in a small town in Rajasthan, Shaurat is instantly zapped by Shivani (Sonali Bendre). Shivani is a beautiful girl from a family of declining fortunes. Even Shivani falls for Shaurat. The twist is Samrat, (model Amitabh Nanda), who is Shivani's fiancÚ. Samrat is rich, obsessive and manic personality. When Shivani breaks her engagement with Samrat and starts seeing Shaurat, all hell breaks loose. Samrat freaks out and harrasses Shaurat and his father. His mother assists him in this task. From this, Shaurat realizes that it is important to be somebody and arrives in Bombay with a fire in his belly. After a brief struggle he is absorbed by filmmaker Ketan Desai (Manmohan Desai's son playing himself) into the Bollywood. Another spoke in the wheel comes up in the form of his heroine, Meghna (Riya Sen), who has a crush on him. Meanshile, Shivani and Samrat also arrive in Mumbai. Career pressures ensure Shivani's and Shaurat's relationship is turbulent. The differences are magnified by Shivani's work in the fashion scene with Rohit Bal, who mentors Shivani. (a real-life cameo) and the presence of Meghna in Shaurat's life. The rebel in Shaurat makes him do the unpardonable; he doesn't turn up at his own secret wedding to Shivani.

 With the film being delayed over the years, the music also not creating the expected magic and two of the not-so-hottest stars in the lead, this film definitely looks bombed!