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Starring  Neil Mukesh, Rimi Sen, Zakir Hussain, Vinay Pathay, Daya Shetty and Dharmendra

Directed by Sriram Raghavan

Music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy

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Johnny Gaddaar is the second outing of director Sriram Raghavan. A couple of years he came out from the RGV stables with EK HASEENA THI which was a decent thriller flick that really did wonders for the career of Saif Ali Khan, inspite of its average showing at the BO.

And everyone who caught his first thriller, knows that this man has what it takes. However he might not certainly be in tune with what Bollywood churns out. He is certainly more of the 'hatke' director.

And more proof of that fact is when you watch the promos of his latest flick JOHNNY GADDAAR. No, it is not a Ram Gopal Varma feature, but it stands out from the rest of the crowd as if it were. The title screen, the homage to the Dev Anand classic 'Johnny Mera Naam' and a thriller has all the ingredients of a desi Tarantino flick.

As Raghavan puts it, in this flick he has made an exact opposite of a thriller. For we know the mystery right from the beginning, but it is how and when the rest of the characters find it out what makes the movie a thrill ride.

The plot deals with a group of five people. The oldest in the group being in his 60s with the youngest in his 20s. And one fine day, the group gets an offer that would make them rich quick.

However the youngest of the lot, Vikram decides that he shall take the loot all for himself. However soon he realises that the game he is out to play demands more than just a neat double crosses. With lives being lost, Vikram must do everything to just stay alive at the end of it all. For he soon realises that the worst enemies are born when friends turns foes!


After initially showing interest in Vishal-Shekar, director Raghavan had to opt for Shankar Ehsaan Loy team for the music of this flick. Using the songs as instruments to portray the dark attitude of the characters, SEL combo gets a break from the usual soundtracks and gets a chance to go wild and experimental. SEL definitely makes hay while the sun shines. The title track is one catchy one.

Dharmendra, Zakir Hussain, Daya Shetty, Vinay Pathak and Neil Mukesh plays the five main protagonists. With this film, Raghavan introduces us to Neil Mukesh, the grandson of the legendary Mukesh.

Dharmendra is definitely on a roll here. After wonderful outings this year in METRO and APNE, he looks all set to display his histronics with this flick as well. Welcome back, you were definitely being missed!

The film was made to an extent before it ran to financial woes. and with the then producer Jhamu Sughand pulling out of the project, it was not until ADLABS came and took over the project, that the film could get rolling anywhere.


Special mention has to be made of the particular movies' websites. There seems to be a lot of thought thrown into the design of this one as well that really gives out the movie's mood and ambience. Do check it out!

And so, there you go. JOHNNY GADDAAR is a thriller that I definitely have high hopes for.




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