action drama

Starring Sohail Khan, Heena Tasleem, Imran Ali Khan, Asif Sheikh, Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Tim Lawrence

Direction : Puneet Sira

Music: KC Loy and Daboo Malik

ReViewed by  Akshay Shah



After countless films dealing with the whole India/Pakistan relations in a negative light comes a movie which shows India and Pakistan actually coming together to fight for a cause TOGETHER.....whats the cause? 

I-Proud To Be An Indian deals with hate crimes commited against asians.  The film deals with racism against coloured in the U.K and its probably the first time this theme has ever been shown on the indian screen!

 The film revolves around Sohail Khan who migrates with his father (Khulbhushan Kharbandha) to stay in London where his brother (Asif Sheikh) is settled with his family.

 At first things seem to be going ok, but slowly Sohail starts to realise that something is wrong....the indians there are leading a terrified life of fear thanks to the local skinheads. The leader of the pack Kane (Tim Lawerence) believes that his country is being taken over by Asians and that WHITE is the only superior race and colour in the world. His hatred is undeniably strong and he will go to any lengths for his beliefs.

 Sohail can't stand the racism around him and decides to fight for the rights of the Asian Community. His fights only aggravate the skinheads more which cause more trouble for Sohail and his entire family....

How Sohail eventually rises up against Kane and his gang of modern day Neo Nazis and proves that is PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN forms the crux of the story.


In paper the story of the movie may sound orignal but when it translates on screen the movie isn't. Its the usual theme of the underdog taking on a bunch of terrifying villans only to win in the end after a bloodsoaked fight. The  films story has a HEAVY overshadow of Raj Kumar Santoshis GHATAK throughout from the father/son bonding, to the confrontations scenes shared between the two brothers.

 The screenplay of the movie is a well written. Right from the first frame the film tackles its theme in a realistic manner. The indians living abroad here aren't shown as snobby rich N.R.I's but portrayed as the common man. The message the director wants to get across is very loud and clear. The film doesnt dwelve into many unecessary subplots and even the romantic tracks are kept at a minimal hence the movie moves at a pretty brisk pace throughout keeping the viewer engrossed.

  Director Puneet Sira makes a successful debut IMO. He is definetly no Farhan Akhtar or Sriram Raghavan but he knows his mettle well and directs the movie ably from start to finish. The terms of style and ambition Sira seems HEAVILY inspired by Santoshis GHATAK and even some scenes and dialogues remind one of GHATAK.

 The highlight of the enterprise is no doubt the emotional scenes shared between Sohail and his father and Sohail and his brother and above all the blood soaked fist fights between Sohail and the skinheads. The movie is extremely violent from the word GO and the level of violence increases as the movie progresses. From the first frame its clear that Puneet Sira knows what he is doing and the opening of the movie is brilliantly shot.

 Some scenes in the movie linger in the viewers minds and give them goosebumps and a lump in your throat

 * Like when Khulbhushan Kharbandha comes home after shopping or

 * The scene where Sohail Khans nephew comes home when the wedding ceremony is on.

 The climax of the movie is right from the pages of Vikram Bhatts GHULAMas the underdog  gets the crap beaten out of him only to stand up right at the end and emerge a winner. The  fight scene is EXTREMELY violent and hard to watch at times....but definetly leaves the viewer breathless and the impact is hammerstrong despite being cliched. Also the police coming right at the end is a letdown. 

Nevertheless Sira seems like a director to watch for in the future and with Sohail Khans KISAAN with Salman and Sohail he should be going places.

 In terms of performances the movie is top notch!

 Sohail Khan marks TREMENDOUS growth as an actor and gives an superlative account of himself. No doubt the boy has talent and is best suited to action roles. The scenes which he shares with his father are extremely well canned. Just witness his outburst in the latter half where he fights with his brother...the scene where he goes to apologise to the skinheads(BRILLIANT) or the final showdown....Sohail proves that he is indeed one helluva action hero. With LAKEER-Forbidden Lines and ARYAN around the corner he might indeed climb the ranks up.

 Pakistani actress Heena Tasleem doesn't have much to do in the movie as there is not much scope for romance. She looks gorgeous in the few scenes she is in and acts naturally. 

Actor Imran Ali Khan gives a good performance. His dialogue delivery is well done and he is decent in the fight scenes. Khulbhushan Kharbandha is excellent as always. He gives a heartfelt performance and one really feels for him in the scene where he goes shopping.  Asif Shehikh is a surprise with his act as the older brother. I cant believe that his actor used to play cheap villan roles in the past. In a character based role he comes out with flying colours.

 Tim Lawerence as Kane is great in his part. He defiently looks  the part he plays and he evokes instant hatred from the viewer.  Mona Ambegoankor plays her part efficiently.

Technically the film is pretty good. The camerawork is well done and the film has a glossy feel to it. The action sequences are a definite highpoint of the movie and  are extremely tense and well canned.

 The movie has no scope for music but the 2 songs that are there are easy on the ears.

 Soo where does that leave I-PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN?A watchable film for those who are fans of the action genre....keeping in mind that the movie is a poor mans version of GHATAK at times!

7.6 outta 10  


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