Starring  :

Introducing Ashmit Patel and Vidya Mallavde with Nauheed Cyrusi, Anoop Soni, and Avtar Gill

 Direction : Vikram Bhatt 

 Story/ Screenplay : Mahesh  Bhatt             Music: Anu Malik


   ReViewed by  Akshay Shah

The Bhatts are back with yet another thriller following their usual formula of a fresh starcast, a exciting and thrilling storyline topped with some smash hit numbers but sadly INTEHAA lacks the impact of their earlier films such as FAREB, KASOOR, RAAZ, JISM and SAAYA due to the lack of a cohesive screenplay and some gaping plot holes! Also the lack of originality is extremely evident here as the film seems like a amalgamtion of many movies.

 In terms of a story the film revolves Tina (Nauheed Cyrusi)-a spoilt young brat who suddenly finds out that she has a step sister Nandini (Vidya Mallavde). After the demise of their father Nandini decides to take full responsibility of Tina upto the day she gets married as a promise to her father and even breaks up with her boyfriend (Anoop Soni). But Tina hates Nandini and wont have anything to do with her as she is the illegitimate child of her father.

 Now enters into the picture the mysterious and seducing Ranbir Oberoi -a rich industrialist who plans to build a 7-star hotel in Koti. He  takes a heavy liking for Tina and starts following her around getting her attention and very soon Tina also starts liking him. Although Nandini is a bit hesitant at first about the stranger slowly accepts him in Tinas life as a friends but has her doubts about marriage without checking out his credentials throughly.

 One stormy night Nandini recieves a phone call from someone who invites her to the Blue Star hotel...someone who knows something about Ranbeer Oberois past..but before Nandini can get to the hotel that person is brutally murdered...and the killer is no other than Ranbeer!

 Nandini is now convinced that Ranbeer indeed isn't what he is making out to be and has a deep dark secret which lies in his path. Slowly she starts tracing Ranbeers past back but she finds him one step ahead all the way...what is Ranbeers deep dark past? What is his motive for marrying Tina? These answers form the crux of the story!


What sounds like an edge of the seat thriller on paper is infact let down by a heavily flawed screenplay courtesy of Mahesh Bhatt! Usually Bhatt manages to rehash Hollywood stories into Bollywoos masala fares pretty successfully for Vikram Bhatt be it FAREB, KASOOR or RAAZ but unfortunately here he fails horribly. Iam not too sure whether the story of INTEHA is a take off from a Hollywood film but it is clear that Mahesh Bhatt has rushed the screenplay and writing which hampers the movie. Although certain sequences have been well penned and maintain the viewers interest -the overall impact of the movie is diluted.

Just take for example the changing of the Hotel BLUE STAR aka BLUE DIAMOND throughout the movie which shows clearly shows inconsistency. Also I dont understand why caretaker of Ranbeers old house waited this long to tell his story? Couldnt he have just gone to the police? And how does Ranbeer find a cliff so conveniently everywhere he goes??

 As a director Vikram Bhatt does a fair job. By now it is clear that thrillers are his genre and what he does best. INTEHA falls short in comparison to his past films...although they weren't classics by any means they certainly did make some thrilling and exciting entertainment. Here he starts out with a zing but lacks originality and seems bored as the movie proceeds only to gain momentun in the second half. Also the killers motives at the end seem a bit cliched and isnt as surprising as it should have been. To give him credit there are a few scene which shows his penchant as a director-just take the scene where Vidya is trapped in a grave full of snakes or the final showdown between Vidya and Ashmit. This is Vikram Bhatts second flop in a row which isn't too good for a prolific director like him whose known for giving hits. Hopefully his next film AETBAAT which has his favourites John Abraham and Bipasha Basu with Amitabh Bachchan turns the tables for him again.

 The performances in the movie are certainly worth a mention and definitely propel the movie to a watchable status.

Newcomer Ashmit Patel does a decent job of a complex role considering this is his debut film. His evil and menacing looks are a mix between Arbaaz Khan and John Abraham. He presents himself well on screen and oozes confidence in every frame. He portrays his evil character with a stylish flair and with the right roles can definitely come up. He does need to watch his dialogue delivery in some places as it tends to get a bit monotone.  Also in some places it seems like he is trying to ape John Abraham as his facial expressions and manner of acting is very similar...but fault can also be given to the director here. One must give him credit for choosing a different role for his debut film


 Vidya Mallavde also gives a credible performance for her debut film. She looks pretty on screen and seems confidence. She chews right into her authorbacked role and givesa very convincing performance.

 Nauheed Cyrusi is OK. She is better than her debut performance in SUPARI but thats not saying much. She looks extremely sexy in the movie but needs to work on her acting skills.

The supporting actors do their jobs accordingly but dont have much to do as the movie revolves around these 3 principle characters.

 Anu Maliks music is one of the best he has given in recent times. Sadly it is wasted in this movie. A film of this genre can do without songs and although in most Vikram Bhatt films the songs fit in perfectly here the songs hinder the films pace. To give Anu Malik credit each and every song is worth a listen and the CD is worth a buy for sure. The best of the lot is AB HUMSE AKELE, HUMSAFAR CHAHIYE, DEKHNA EK DIN, and DHALNE LAGI HAI RAAT. The picturisations of these songs are top notch too.

 Technically the film is good. Pravin Bhatts camerawork compliments the genre of the movie perfectly and builds atmosphere and ambience...specially in the second half where the light use of lighting and torches are very effective and creepy.

 Girish Dhamijas dialogues are oft repeated and cliched.

 All up INTEHAA is a film that could have been a great timepass entertainer but doesnt even quiet make that mark due to the gaping plot holes and the suspense being not quiet as thrilling as expected, nevertheless the film is worth a watch once for fans of Vikram Bhatt and the genre as long as your expectations arent too high at all.


6 outta 10



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