drama/ historical

Starring  : Ammtoje Mann, Aanandi Tripathi, Babbu Mann, Kulbhushan Kharbandha, Kamini Kaushal, Mukul Dev, Mukesh Tiwari, Rav Jhankal , Rama Vij and Tom Alter.

 Direction : Ammtoje Mann

Music: Babbu Mann


   ReViewed by  Akshay Shah


On face value HAWAYEIN looks like any other B Grade film with new stars, but after watching the movie one will change their mind for sure. The film takes the ugly Hindi-Sikh riots of 1984 as its backdrop and presents the viewer with one harrowing and controversial movie.

 The fillm revolves around Sarabjit(Ammtoje Mann)-son of a proud Brigadier (Khulbhushan Kharbandha). In college Sarabjit falls in love with Muskaan (Aanandi Tripathi) and tries his hadrest to woo her and manages to succeed after a while. On the flip side celebrations have begun for Sarabjits sisters wedding in full go....but a day before the weddding everything changes for the worst!

Indire Gandhi is killed by her own bodyguard who happens to be a Sikh and the Hindus are now going mad after the Sikhs. What ensues is a gripping, shocking and harrowing riot which sees thousands of people die in the most brutal ways. Most of Sarabjit family dies in the riot too and a disillusioned Sarabjit goes to Punjab, grows a beard and picks up a gun becoming a terrorist. What ensues next is a typical terrorist drama with some unwanted sidetracks thrown in.


In terms of a story the film is average. What starts out as a family film very suddenly turns into a very stark and grim movie registering a hammer strong impact but right after the riot scenes the film loses its grip and turns into a predictable potboiler which resembles the 80's. The family property dispute, the Pakistani terrorist angle and the kidnapping of the Swedish Ambassador all fall flat and ruin the excellent first half.

 The screenplay of the movie is good and follows a steady pace.

As a director Ammtoje Mann surely knows what he wants to make and starts with superbly. The initial wedding sequences and celebrations are well canned and have a very earthy flavour to them but where Mann succeeds is portraying the riot scenes with such realism. The riot scenes portrayed in HAWAYEIN is one of the most STARK, SHOCKING, RAW and REALISTIC scenes ever filmed in Bollywood. It makes the viewer feel they are there admist the riots as you watch people of all ages being slashed, stabbed and burned to a slow death with the tyre around them. The entire sequence goes for about 20 minutes and is not for the faint hearted as it gets very gruesome. The rape of the girls and the sequence where the bodies are piled up into a truck will bring tears to the viewers eyes from fear...indeed the 1984 Hindu-Sikh riots was a frightening event in the History of India...

 What starts out smashingly as a fim portraying slowly turns to mush!! Mann doesn't know how to handle the movie all the way and he regulates it to a typical Bollywood potboiler with some typical sidetracks which makes up for a pretty pathetic second half and doesn't do justice to the first half at all which is sad indeed! One wishes he had made sure the story was written with more care and his direction not lacked the required touch!

 In terms of performances the movie is OK. Ammtoje Mann does justice to his character as a actor but he doesn't suit the romantic sequences in the first half at all and seems ill at ease.He is at form throughout al the riot sequences and is highly impressive in the second half.

 Aanandi looks gorgeous throughout the movie and performs her part ably although the importance of her role is lost after the first half and she is regulated to the side.

 Babbu Mann as Ammtojes gun toting mate plays his part with conviction. Khulbhushan Kharbandha is as endearing as ever as the Brigadier and father. Kamini Kaushal plays her part well as does Tom Alter. Mukesh Tiwari once again makes a convincing villan although one feels his character is not properly defined.Mukul Dev as a police officer is surprisingly very good in his part.

 Technically the film is OK. Sanjay Jaiswals editing needed to be a lot crisper and Nazir Khans cinematography ranges frome excellent to OK. In The riot scenes Khan is absolutely amazing and ditto for the first half, but in the latter half the camerawork gets a bit shaky.

 Harjeet Singhs dialogues are powerful keeping in sync with the movie. Babbu Manns music drags and none of the numbers register a impact.

 All up HAWAYEIN is a movie that is definetly worth a dekkho for the first half and the depiction of the riot scenes which will linger long in the viewers mind afterwards! But after that the movie falters and is regulated to a usual B-Grade potboiler...

 7 outta 10



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