Starring Sunny Deol, Preity Zinta, Om puri, Jackie Shroff

Directed by Raj Kanwar

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Well, Bollywood just seems dead of new ideas and scripts and have no other option but to be inspired by successful Hollywood flicks, and put in some naach-gaana and bring out a desi version.

This time, my friends, you have the desi version of the blockbuster LETHAL WEAPON and Sunny Deol and Om Puri fill in the shoes for Gibson and Glover.

So Sunny shall be playing a ruff n tuff cop Karan who gives a damn about what happens to him and can go over the limits when it comes to be in the line of duty. And his partner on the other hand, ACP Arjun Singh (Om Puri) is a man with just a few years to go before retirement, plays it safe knowing that he has a home and family to go back to. And for the very same reason, Arjun Singh takes a disliking towards his partner Karan's attitude which could land both of them in big trouble.

And if you think the problems between them ends over there, then you are wrong. For it gets even worse when Karan falls in love with his partner Arjun's daughter  Kajal (Preity Zinta).

But here is where the story really begins. The duo is given the task of hunting down underworld figure Gawa Firozi (JAckie Shroff) and his brother. And in the encounters that follow we have don Firozi's brother Sikander (Mukesh Tiwari) gets killed.

And then what follows is  a battle between Karan and the revenge seeking Firozi till one merges supreme over the other.  And as if you don't know who that is gonna be?  

Certainly Sunny Deol is an apt action hero but then watching him do the same role again and again is what really pulls the plug. Om Puri also looks jaded here. Preity Zinta just have to look pretty with nothing much to do in this action movie.

So the one who really takes the cake is Jackie Shroff in yet another villain role after his outing as one in MISSION KASHMIR. And Mukesh Tiwari as his younger borther also does not disappoint. And if it weren't for these two, the movie would have been absolutely trash!

And yes, you do have great action sequences to keep the movie going and you have equally worthless songs to balance that effect. 

Thus the final result is yet another masala action movie with nothing new to provide, the same ol' good vs bad guy flick. Definitely not the kind of movie you would like to start the new  year with.


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