Everybody Says I'm Fine


Starring Rehan Engineer, Koel Purie , Pooja Bhatt, Boman Irani and Rahul Bose

Directed by Rahul Bose

Music Zakher Hussain


Everybody Says I am Fine is actor Rahul Bose's debut in the directorial aspects of things. Obviously all all-out English flick in India is an attempt to make a mark quick and fast, but how successful he is at doing that is to be seen. Internationally was invited to a lot of film fests, but in his very own India - sunk without a trace!

The story deals with Xen (Rehaan Engineer) who runs a hairdressers somewhere in uptown Mumbai into which walks the cream of the high society. But though he looks very much fine, he isn't so in any way. He was subjected to an early trauma which saw him lose both his parents but it did leave with a special ability - that to read the mind of his customers. So as he goes about his job, cutting strands of hair, he gets to hear others thoughts. 

So when you have a customer like Tanya (Pooja Bhatt) who still pretends to be a part of the high class inspite of being dumped by her husband, Xen does not bother to insist on she paying and instead offers to put it on her tab. 

Or when he has to deal with out-of-the-ordinary characters like Rage (Rahul Bose) who goes about boasting about the kind of roles that he has managed to get and so on. But Xen knows very well that Rage is struggling despite all that tall tales he tell. 

But there is just one person who he fails to crack. He simply fails to read the mind of Nikita (Koel Purie) and this begins to get him attracted to her. 

So inspite of this uncanny ability, it becomes more of a burden to Xen rather than a boon. But he finally gets his liberation only when he manages to help Nikita out of her personal trauma, inspite of the extent he had to go to achieve that.


The cast might not be big but it certainly is talent. Whether the talent of each of them has been fully utilized or not is a totally different question all together. 

Rehan Engineer puts in a decent effort in the lead role of Xen though he has found wanting in several of the key scenes. But Koel Purie as Nikita was superb from start to finish. She really managed to grab your attention. Both the lead players had to be more expressive since there weren't much dialogues to deliver anyways. 

Pooja Bhatt impresses from among the supporting cast in a rather big way. Afterall it was nice to see her back onscreen after such a long time. Boman Irani, has little to do though in a role of significance. The real delight however was who else but Rahul Bose himself in a really loud and over-the-top character. But it worked only cause Bose was in charge.

Rahul Bose is a splendid actor but as a director, I was frankly expecting more. Maybe it is the loose script that he has penned down or is it just the way he goes about it. However the substance was hardly captivating enough as it should have been. I would rather say, it was a very novel idea gone wrong. 

To begin with, his initial set up of characters was strong. But as we progress deeper into the film, things really fail to take hold. Though bose tries to weave a web around the higher society with their lifestyle, hypocrisy and even on matters like incest, he certainly haven't got it all right. Atleast not in the narration bit. The film did have its moments but on the whole it was much ado about nothing. It played out more like one of those one hour Star TV Bestsellers. 

Art direction of the urban hairdressing saloon is quite commendable. Also working to its favor in a big way is Zakher Hussain's music. 

A very exclusive urban flick but still for its distinctiveness is worth a check.


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