Starring Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Karisma Kapoor, Juhi Chawla, Rakhee, Mohnish Behl

guest appearances Sunil Shetty, Nagma

Directed by Sanjeev Darshan

Music by Nadeem Shravan


      Sanjeev Darshan is still hoping that some day he can make a movie as big as his brother's blockuster RAJA HINDUSTANI. And so after managing some average grossers like JAANWA, here he tries for something real big, and the first step to that is getting a real big star cast.

And so on the pillars of Big B and Akshay Kumar, Sanjeev Darshan hopes to pull off a grand movie, in the lines of the Barjatya family hits - HUM AAPKE HAIN KAUN and HUM SAATH SAATH HAIN.

The story takes us into the household of the Kapoors. But it is not the perfect goody goody household, for the mega-billionare Vijay Kapoor (Amitabh Bachchan) does not seem to agree to the ideas of his US returned MBA grad son Ajay (Akshay Kumar) a single bit. Both thing they know the perfect route to success and their clash of ideologies is not good signs!

In comes an orphan boy, Raj Purohit (Mohnish Behl) who plays his cards right by praising Vijay Kapoor to the skies, and winning all his trust. And with his charms and tricks, he also manages to win Vijay Kapoor's eldest daughter. And soon Rajh gets his hands on all the property too. He also leaves his mark of damage by getting the father-son to fight and seperate, forcing Ajay to leave the house.

The rest of the movie deals with how the Kapoor household can get back together and settle their differences and get back on their feet, and stop Rajesh before the damage gets out of hand!

  To begin with the script seems to be the biggest weak point. 

Throughout the movie we have Vijay Kapoor telling the importance of experience to his son, and what does this experienced business man do? blindly sign away documents to his son-in-law. So much for experience!

At times Sanjeev Darshan depends on other movies to make his job easier, and with all the cliches stuffed into the movie, it makes the director's job definitely easy but not for the audiences.

The first half has its own merits and some definite stand out scenes. However to balance it out, the second half is filled with unwanted and unnecessary scenes, events and dialogues making the movie longer and boring.

Ultimately it is Big B and Akshay who have to do the most to save this movie. And eventually they do. But the story itself is so uninspiring, that there is nothing the stars or the audience can ever do. 

Akshay is certainly becoming a better actor by every passing day, but however it is all the scenes where he gets real emotional that gets to you. Wish he could improve on that! But otherwise it is yet another impressive show from this lad.

Rakhee is definitely wasted, and so is Karisma Kapoor and Juhi Chawla. Though the songs and promos does feature Karisma in and Karisma out, as far as the movie goes, she has a sidey role to play. 

Then we are left with Mohnish Behl who tries shifting moods through the movie. But the truth is that he ain't half as good over here as his several other memorable performances.

Sadly the songs in the movie are also a big let down.

The movie is watchable, but at the same time,  nearly boring too! 


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